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December 21, 2001 is launched on the Winter Solstice!

December 6, 2001

The Loss of Joyce Hagelthorn

Writer, Radio and TV host, and journalist, and wise and loving lady
who leaves a large, and extended, family greatly saddened at her loss.

We feel fortunate to have known Joyce, and to have had the great pleasure of being invited
as guests on her radio show on several occasions (WPON AM Detroit, MI, USA). She was an astute and open-minded investigator
of the nature life, and the realities of the paranormal subjects she explored in her programs
and other projects.

A dear and wonderful lady, who inspired and encouraged
all who knew her, and who will be terribly missed.

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September 2001

Time Magazine - Special Collector’s Edition
‘Great Discoveries’ Disappointment

This glossy overview of Humanity’s most important discoveries, widely published by the massive
Time/Life corporation, flippantly, irresponsibly, and totally erroneously, dismisses the entire
Crop Circle Phenomenon as the work of human hoaxers.

In a section entitled ‘dead ends’, Crop Circles are dismissed as a joke!

To quote Time Magazine: "The banal truth: locals (and copycats around Britain) were creating
the circles with wooden planks as a drinking-night prank."

Ignoring the vast body of biophysical, physical, photographic, experiential, and circumstantial evidence
to the contrary, this otherwise impressive issue ignorantly presents its careless misinformation on one
of the most important global events in recorded history.

While Kris and I have acknowledged and stated publicly
for many years that there is considerable evidence that individuals and groups of people have mechanically,
and for the most part deceptively, made Crop Circle formations each year since at least 1990,
we have also asserted that human circle making accounts for some but not all
pictogram formations and circles. In our view, there have been to date at least several hundred
non-manmade Crop Circle pictograms since the early 1980s, in spite of human circle making.

*      *      *
September 11th, 2001

Terrorist Attacks

Our prayers for world peace
go out to all, following the tragic and senseless
acts of violence committed on this day. 


 *      *      *

August 21st, 2001

Eyewitness Account of Crop Circle Forming
in the Netherlands

While in Southern Holland staying with Robbert v/d Broeke Crop Circle researcher Nancy Talbot
witnesses a dramatic light display precede the appearance of a non-manmade Crop Circle ‘pictogram’,
after asking out loud “Why can’t this phenomenon be more obvious, more direct?”

While Nancy did not see the Crop Circle pictogram form she and Robbert did discover it,
in a bean field, immediately after the light phenomenon had ceased and where it had been seen
to flash to the ground.

Nancy’s full report

*      *      *

August 19th, 2001

A Crop Circle Formation Depicting A Graphic Variation
of the 1974 ‘Arecibo’ Deep Space Transmission

Assumed by some to be an actual extraterrestrial ‘response’,
and answer to the well publicized ‘Arecibo’ radio telescope transmission of 1974,
a second Crop Circle formation is discovered near the radio telescope at Chilbolton.

Of note: In the spring of 2001 it was announced that at least two films based around
the Crop Circle phenomenon were soon going into production, including a major multi-million dollar Disney
financed production called ‘Signs’; written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (Director
of ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Unbreakable’). It was later revealed that this movie would also present
genuine Crop Circles as having an ET origin.  Known  ‘circle makers’ (rumored to have been hired
as consultants on the film), have publicly stated for many years that they actively ‘target’ the expectations
and beliefs of the more outspoken researchers of the Crop Circle phenomenon.
A ‘reply’ from ‘ET’ would conveniently fit this description and reflect the expectations of many.

Our understanding of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, does not point to an ‘E.T.’ origin
as the primary source of genuine pictogram formations, much as the makers of this formation obviously
would like some to believe. ‘Mistakes’ contained in the Chilbolton Crop Circle ‘reply’,
including a graphic misinterpretation of the original binary code printed in at least two
widely distributed books, and Dr. Levengood’s recently released report on his plant and soil analysis
of the formation, strongly indicate a more down to Earth explanation.

See Paul Vigay’s in-depth analysis at:

For more information on the biophysical analysis of this formation
see Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles report
on Dr. Levengood’s findings at:

*      *      *

August 14th, 2001

A Crop Circle Formation Depicting A ‘Face’ Discovered

This ‘half-tone’ patterned ‘crop art’ ‘Face’, was contained within a slightly ragged rectangular
‘canvas’, exactly like the Arecibo Crop Circle ‘reply’ that would be discovered in the same field several days
later. Based on a simple grid, the makers of ‘The Face’ employed techniques used by billboard
and road sign artists daily in their work to create large images that stay proportionally correct and appear photographic from a distance.

It seems ‘The Face’ was a groups Monday night August 13th/14th
effort, with the ‘reply’ being rolled down, by the same group, the following Saturday night. Both formations,
in our view, lacked the sharp definition and ingeniously conceived symbolic design characteristics
of the authentic phenomenon, instead fulfilling the expectations of a believing audience by comically
implying an E.T. author.

Contrary to some reports, the field that both formations appeared in wasn’t protected by barbed
wire, which wouldn’t be much of a deterrent anyway to a determined group of human circle makers.
Also, the site of the radio telescope was confirmed to be unmanned on nights and weekends. 

Dr. Levengood’s plant and soil analysis revealed no anomalies in samples taken from this formation.

For more information see Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles report
on Dr. Levengood’s results at:

*      *      *

August 12th, 2001

The Milk Hill Crop Circle Formation

First reported on August 12th the 409 circle formation at Milk Hill dropped jaws worldwide.
Measuring 787 feet wide, it was a massive effort containing some intriguing and yet controversial aspects.
The 409 circles, for example were all swirled identically, unlike its comparative 1996 predecessor
at Windmill Hill, which was made up of 197 individually unique and differently swirled circles.
The simple circular geometry of the Milk Hill formation was also unlike the precise and challenging
Archimedean curves of the Windmill Hill formation, with some circles looking like they had been squashed,
or shrunk, to fit the length of the major circular ‘arms’.  These aspects (amongst others)
could make this formation seem questionable, in spite of its size, quantity of circles, and impressive form,
and not beyond the capability of a large group of people given enough time to construct six large circular
arms, from a central circle, and to flatten the necessary number of circles on and off those arms.
But was this the case? 

‘Expulsion cavities’ or ‘blown’ crop stem nodes
were found inside the formation.

Dr. Levengood’s plant and soil analysis of this formation
also revealed some significantly anomalous results.

For more information see Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles report
on Dr. Levengood’s findings at:

In addition to Dr Levengood’s results the Milk Hill formation
contained some notable numerological, geographical, and mythical references in its design
and placing in the landscape.

Beyond the question of ‘whoever’, or ‘whatever’ created the 
Milk Hill pictogram, one thing is certain, no single formation before it or since, to this date,
has contained so many circles.

 *      *      *

August  2nd, 2001

 An Eventful and Successful

Research Trip to Wiltshire

Ed returns to Santa Monica after a two week research trip to some of the major ancient
sacred sites of Southern England to begin chronicling a series of witnessed, filmed
and photographed ‘anomalous’ events that took place during a number of planned meditations
and UFO ‘night watches’.

For more information and images see report: 

Crop Circle Field Report 2001 Highlights

*      *      *

July 25th, 2001

Second Crop Circle Formation is found below the Gog Magog Hills

Named ‘The Angel’, this beautifully proportioned Crop Circle pictogram was discovered close
to the Gog Magog Hills, and an ancient sacred site in Cambridgeshire.

It was the only pictogram to appear in 2001 in England that Kris and I feel 100% confident
was a non-manmade Crop Circle formation, discovered three days after I had led a filmed
ceremonial synchronized group Earth Healing Visualization Meditation and Crop Circle Co-Creation
Experiment from the West Kennett Long Barrow near Avebury, in which a 1994 Crop Circle sign had been ceremonially offered to the sun (and ‘God’) that was nearly identical to the new formation. 


In another example of the ‘psycho-interactive’ nature of the non-manmade Crop Circle
phenomenon; the timing, location and design symbolism of the Gog Magog formation seemed
to be a direct ‘response’ to the long barrow meditation.

For more information and images watch for coming article:

Crop Circle Co-Creation - 2001: Evidence of a Psycho-Spiritual
Connection to Non-Manmade Crop Circle Creation at a Place Called Gog Magog

*      *      * 

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