Originally published in UFO Magazine/UK in 2003 as:
Non-Manmade Crop Circles
As a “Vacuum Domain" Phenomenon

An Aspect of the Physics Involved?

Updated August 7, 2008 as:
Of Crop Circles, Firebirds, and 'Vacuum Domain' Physics

By Kris Sherwood

With additional research contributed by Ed Sherwood

Sightings of mysterious 'luminous phenomena' can be found in historical records over the centuries in many parts of the world. It is now better understood by planetary science that there are locations on Earth more conducive to the accumulation of energies responsible for creating interactions of forces that can be accompanied by extraordinary luminous effects. Places such as Hessdalen, Norway (Fig. 1, Ref. 1); Marfa, Texas, USA; Lake Titicaca, Peru; Mt. Popocatepetl, Mexico; Lake Ontario, Canada; and most notably: Wiltshire, England, are a few of the locations known for regular sightings of these luminous phenomena, that include 'atmospheric plasmas', or 'Earth Lights' (Ref. 2 & 3).

Hessdalen "Ball Plasma"

Fig. 1 Atmospheric “Ball Plasma”
Hessdalen, Norway, photographed February 12, 1982
by Leif Havik Copyright Project Hessdalen

“The Belokurika Flame” and Other Light Beam Sightings

'Balls of light', 'light beams', 'glowing orbs', 'light flashes', and other manifestations of luminous phenomena, similar to those reported in many locations around the world, have also been witnessed and photographed in close proximity to sacred sites, and also in and near Crop Circle formations in, primarily but not limited to, areas of Wiltshire, England. Historical records are rich with written and illustrated accounts throughout the millennia of variously described ‘luminous manifestations’ that suggest that similar phenomena has been witnessed, astonished, and been revered in legends, folktales, and even in ancient ‘Scripture’ and religious writings throughout the Millennia. My husband, and research partner, Ed Sherwood, has himself witnessed approximately one hundred 'plasmas', or Earth Lights, while living in Wiltshire; including a large diffuse orange ball of light, also witnessed by a group he was with, in July of 1992. On that occasion the entire group had seen the large golden plasma 'Earth' itself. When he approached the location the next morning, he found a fresh Crop Circle in the exact place in the field where the “amber” colored light form had disappeared into the crop! On another occasion in 1992, while Ed was on a nightwatch near the lookout point of Adam's Grave (Wiltshire, England), he witnessed a sudden spectacular light display over Golden Ball Hill, approximately one and a half miles away, in the form of a brilliant beam of light that "shot down from a low cloud to the ground." (Ref. 4) Ed reports that the sides of the beam were directly parallel to each other, and very wide, with an estimated diameter of more than one hundred and fifty feet (Fig.2).

Light Beam sighting

Fig. 2 Illustration of Ed Sherwood's "light beam" sighting in 1992
Illustration © 2002 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

After several seconds the beam then "dissipated into hill-hugging fog leaving scattered, pulsing light discharges within the fog ". In 1988 a similar "light beam" and spectacular light display were witnessed by Mary Freeman, a Wiltshire, England resident, as she left the Avebury stone circle just after 11 pm on July 13. She reportedly had observed a "large golden disc" that then projected a "bright white, parallel beam of light" at a "65 degree angle...across the sky towards Silbury Hill..." (Ref. 5). At the same time objects reportedly flew off her car's dashboard, as if a rush of invisible energy had swept past. The next night five circles, forming a large Celtic Cross, appeared in the field adjacent to Silbury Hill, where the light display has been seen the previous night.

Ed's 1992 light beam sighting was strikingly similar to Mary Freeman's, and to others witnessed over the years in the same area of England, which is well reputed to be traversed with highly active lines of subtle Earth energy, locally known as "ley-lines", but are understood by many including dowsers and geomancers, to encompass the entire Earth in their web of subtle energy. This ley-line energy is known to some researchers to be associated with non-manmade Crop Circle events, and also to the luminous phenomena associated with them, and is not limited to English Crop Circle events. Another stunning, and very recent sighting of apparently the same type of brilliant beam of light was one witnessed in direct relation to a Crop Circle discovery, and occurred in the Netherlands in August 2001(Fig. 3). It was witnessed by Dutch resident Robbert van de Broekke, and American Crop Circle researcher Nancy Talbott who published a report of their sighting (Ref. 6)(as featured on the Jeff Rense website).


Talbott's Light Beam Sighting The Belokurikha Flame
Fig. 3 Illustration of Nancy Talbott's
"light beam" sighting in 2001

Illustration © Andreas Mueller 2001
Fig. 4 "The Belokurikha Flame"
Photo credited as
"author unknown"
Photograph © The Millennium Group

To my astonishment I found this remarkable photograph (Fig 4) while researching the possible physics responsible for non-manmade Crop Circles and luminous phenomena, associated with them. Taken in the Belokurikha massif area of Russia, it is of a phenomenon that bears an absolutely striking similarity to the reported light beam sightings witnessed in areas of Wiltshire, England, and in apparent relation to Crop Circle events. This photographed column of light, named "The Belokurikha Flame" by authors of the scientific paper containing the photo, and described by anonymous witnesses, who said "the flame grew up from the Earth, then rolled itself into a bright ball, and rapidly flew up and disappeared in the sky". (!!) (Ref. 7) This description probably sounds very familiar to anyone who has studied the subject of Crop Circles, and has heard some of the accounts of the luminosities that can be witnessed in association with them. This additional, and equally extraordinary image, captured over the Belukha summits of the Katun Mountain ridge in Russia, shows large anomalous “light forms” appearing above it (Fig. 5) which have also been categorized in the same research paper as a “vacuum domain” phenomenon (Ref. 7). These are remarkably similar to those that Ed sees nearly every day, and that I have also witnessed myself appearing above surrounding mountains, while driving through the Southern California desert. The many sightings of "balls of light", "Earth Lights", "plasmas", "beams of light", "UFOs", and some of their effects, may now just possibly begin to be explained, at least in part, by impressive new scientific research, and certain evidence of newly explored principles of Planetary Physics, that I feel may help account for, and support the reality of, the luminous phenomena being seen and reported around the world, and might help explain one of the Co-Creative forces involved in non-manmade Crop Circle formation.

Katun Mountain Luminosities

Fig. 5 “Large Scale Natural Self Luminous Formations” (or “Vacuum Domains”)
Photographed above the Katun Mountain Ridge, Russia, August 12, 1972
© The Millennium Group

The “Vacuum Domain”:
New Scientific Research Documents Evidence Supporting
Luminosity Phenomena Often Associated with Genuine Crop Circle Events

Some time ago I became aware of research being done by a group of scientists in Russia, Drs. Alexy Dmitriev, D. L. Dyatlov,and A. V. Tetneov, that offers startling corroborating evidence in the form of a newly defined area of 'Planetophysical' physics, describing a category of phenomena called "natural self luminous formations" (NSLFs), which they also call "vacuum domains", or "VDs". The phenomena encompassed in the definition of NSLFs lists a broad spectrum of "self luminous" manifestations that include: ‘lightning’; 'ball lightning'; 'plasmoids'; 'sprites'; "Earthquake Lights"; and glowing orb-like balls of light (BOLs) that can apparently “pass unaffected through solid objects”. All these manifestations, as proposed in the vacuum domain model, being luminous effects created by combined forces of “electromagnetics”, and “gravitational principles” that can manifest a localized "mini black hole" of "gravispin waves" creating a vacuum effect and a "pulsed heat release" that can result in a wide variety of luminous phenomena, depending on the numerous variables. (Ref. 7) The bursts of light created can be pea sized or smaller, or as large as those photographed over the Katun Mountain ridge. The large oval shapes, seen in this photo, were largely invisible to the observers, who only saw “whitish shining spots in the direction of the summits” (Ref. 7).

The phenomenon of “Eclipse Lights” would also fit this model, and I feel should be included here; being a “plasmoid” luminosity that can manifest in the intensified gravitational and electromagnetic energies of a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipse Lights are so rarely seen as to be almost mythical, but in 1999, during the period of totality of the Millennium ending Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, Ed and I were incredulous eyewitnesses to five orange-red fireballs that materialized as the moon’s shadow made landfall in Cornwall, where we had gone to view the historic eclipse. I videotaped what is, as far as I’ve seen, the only footage to be publicly released of this sighting (Fig. 6) (Ref.8 & 9). The large Eclipse-stimulated plasmas, or “hovering balls of light” reportedly “shot off in a Southerly direction”, according to closer witnesses, as totality ended (Ref. 10).

Eclipse Lights

Fig. 6 “Eclipse Lights” Witnessed During the Total Solar Eclipse
Filmed by Kris Sherwood, August 11, 1999, Cornwall, England.
Video Still © 1999 Millennium Research

I suspect that vortically moving, electro-magnetic discharges of energy related to those described in the vacuum domain model, are also responsible for the exotic "Marine Lightwheel" phenomenon that I wrote and published an article about a few years ago. This rarely witnessed phenomenon offers evidence of activity of an otherwise invisible force of energy; one that might well have gone unnoticed in the expanses of the oceans if not for its synchronous ability to stimulate the bioluminescent marine organisms into flourescence to create the Lightwheel effect which, incredibly, happens to reveal the energy discharge’s geometric shapes and rotational motion, when occurring at night and under certain conditions (Ref. 11). It seems very likely to me that the Lightwheel phenomenon is a manifestation of planetary physics similar to those that produce vacuum domain related phenomena.

Dr. Dmitriev and colleagues Dyatlov and Tetnov's research paper proposes a brilliant model of "united electrogravidynamics" that describes a very broad category of naturally produced, and at times utterly stunning, luminous phenomena, created by a combination of physical forces, that range from upper atmosphere "sprites"; ground level floating "orbs", to the lightning produced by the tremendous rotating vortices of power inside deadly tornadoes (Ref. 7). I'd also like to suggest that possibly the most enigmatic, and important vacuum domain related phenomenon of all may have been overlooked in the model’s broad category: that of genuine, non-manmade Crop Circle events, which are compellingly attended by many of the luminous manifestations, rotational properties, and other significant effects that are described in the various categories of the proposed vacuum domain model.

Another described property of the vacuum domain is that of “self-emission and absorption of light” (Ref. 7); something Ed has witnessed almost daily in the “etheric light forms” he sees, and that we also photograph, that quickly transform from bright white to black in a split second, sometimes moving and sometimes stationary. This effect is what I think has been captured in this photograph of an extremely rapidly moving energy discharge (Fig. 7) that seems to “strobe” from a white phase that transforms to a black area identical to the strobing pattern of the white one, and seems to actually be absorbing, rather than emitting the light. We have taken numerous photos at vortex points of concentrated energy and captured similar light absorbing effects, that can be found on our website’s Psychic Photography Gallery (Ref. 12). Another significant point to note, from the research of this group of scientists, is that it affirms that all types of vacuum domain phenomena grow in frequency in the "years of the Active Sun"; meaning the peaks of activity in the 11 year Solar cycle (Ref. 7). This has also been observed to be the case with non-manmade Crop Circle formations, a connection that Ed fully realized in 1991, after discovering a 26,000 year Solar cycle that could help explain why so many non-manmade Crop Circle formations appeared in 1990 (Ref. 4).

Santa Monica Mountain Luminosity

Fig. 7 “Moving Luminosity with Non-Luminous Areas, Absent of Light”
Photographed in the Santa Monica Mtns, California, USA
Photograph © 1999 David Mitchell

A Demonstrable Psycho-Interactive Nature

Perhaps the most remarkable property of "plasmoids", like the ones familiar to the landscape of Wiltshire, is that they have been observed and documented to exhibit behavior of a demonstrably psycho-interactive nature, in relation to persons present and focusing their attention on them. Ed stated this publicly in 1992 at a concerned community meeting of Wiltshire residents who had been witnessing mysterious “balls of light”. After many personal encounters Ed affirms that plasma is "psycho-interactive from the moment you give your attention to it, irrespective of distance" (Ref. 4).

The nature of plasma, as an unstable gaseous energy form, makes it more susceptible to the subtle psycho-kinetic energy effects of the focus of consciousness (something Ed has stated for many years) and its effect on the quantum level of sub-atomic matter, which is into the realm of consciousness physics. Another type of "plasma" that has been scientifically documented to demonstrate psycho-interactive characteristics, and that's heightened activity has also been known to have effects on genuine Crop Circle events, and even our own behaviour, is none other than our Sun (Ref. 13).

Plasma Sighting

Fig. 8 Plasma Sighting
Huish Hill, Wiltshire, UK, Witnessed and filmed by Ed Sherwood, July 23, 2001
Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research.

In 2001 Ed videotaped an impressive plasma appearance himself; one that he sensed clairvoyantly before it appeared over a wood he was observing during a nightwatch in the Wiltshire countryside (Fig. 8). Remarkably Ed's psychic ability allows him to see and sense this energy before it reaches its "physical plasma" state, which then is obviously visible to the eye and camera. It is the subtle energy we have photographed, and represent on our website's Psychic Photography Gallery, as the “non-physical” predecessor to the physical luminosiites discussed here. Drawn from his years of holding nightwatches, and conducting group meditation events in the Pewsey Vale (The Vale of Pewsey, Wiltshire, UK) with the intent of initiating interaction with the source of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation, Ed can cite many instances, alone and with many witnesses, of having observed obvious and apparent interactions of "UFOs", and atmospheric plasmas, to thought or spoken requests such as to "grow brighter", "move toward the hill", "come closer", etc. (Ref. 4). Even the human "circlemakers" have reported witnessing luminous and anomalous phenomena in fields at night while perpetrating some of their deceptively made hoax formations. There are numerous other accounts to be found on record, in related subject articles and books, that tell of virtually the same type of sightings, from all over the world, and even from over the millenniums.

Just before Nancy Talbott’s light phenomenon sighting in the Netherlands in 2001, the interactive nature of these phenomena was again remarkably demonstrated when, in a moment of frustration, Nancy exclaimed out loud "Why can't this phenomenon be more obvious, more direct?". She was directly answered approximately fifteen minutes later by the dramatic light beam display she and Robbert witnessed occurring in a nearby field, where they immediately went and discovered a fresh, non-manmade Crop Circle formation (Ref 6).

Another example of possible "cooperative interaction" by the “Source” of the phenomenon occurred approximately fifteen minutes after Ed had recommended to UFO/Crop Circle researcher Maria Ward to first "ask permission" before attempting to photograph plasma. Amazingly Maria then happened to have an incredible ‘close encounter’ with one that she was able to capture a series of photos of, after having first “asked permission” to photograph it. Ed has treasured this image (Fig. 9), that Maria gave to him of that event, as one of the best ever photographed examples of a classic Earth Light, or “atmospheric plasma” at close range (approx. 150 feet away).

Ball Plasma Close Encounter

Fig. 9 ‘Close Encounter’ with an “Atmospheric Plasma”
Witnessed and recorded by Maria Ward, July 28, 1992
Photograph © 1992 Maria Ward

Of the many plasmas, or Earth Lights that Ed has witnessed, his closest sighting was from a distance of about 100 feet, and he reports what looked to be a "greenish white fireball, approximately 10 feet in diameter". Though perhaps more commonly reported as having an ‘orange’ or ‘amber’ color, they can display a wide range of colors, shapes, and behaviours. I had a brief sighting of a similar, greenish white plasma during a nightwatch, with Ed and some friends in 1997, that materialized off Martinsell Hill (In The Pewsey Vale, of Wiltshire, UK).

Ed tells of attending a village meeting at Alton Barnes in 1992 where the local residents were expressing concern, and even fear about the "balls of orange light flying around The Valley" (The Pewsey Vale). Before the end of the meeting Ed took the podium, and related some of his personal experiences and understanding of the co-creative, and spiritual nature of the phenomenon they had been witnessing. In addition to exhibiting psycho-interactive properties and apparent responses to "mental requests", Ed can verify from experience that this type of plasma manifestation will respect the emotional reaction of the observer/witnesses, particularly in relation to any possible fear that might be felt by any of them at its presence. He reports that plasmas (associated with non-manmade Crop Circle events), that have begun to approach a group in response to mutual mental requests, disappear or quickly retreat to a distance that is “comfortable” for the observers, if a member of the group begins to react with fear (Ref. 4). The evidence of an apparent intelligence, motivating the many witnessed interactive responses demonstrated by these luminous "plasmoids" that seem to obviously fit the “vacuum domain” model (and the fact that similar plasmas have been seen to be “dissipate” into the Earth and leave a fresh Crop Circle, as Ed witnessed in 1992), does indeed support the idea that they are manifesting and reflecting interaction with consciousness and thought! Just as Ed's and my research contends are also contributing factors in authentic Crop Circle co-creation.


The Firebird and the Burning Bush


I am convinced ancient sightings of these astonishing to witness plasma ‘fireballs’, ‘light beams’, light flashes, and other luminous manifestations found described in many varied texts throughout history could very well be explained and accounted for by what this Russian research group has put forth in their Vacuum Domain model (Ref. 7), and also by the supportive evidence Ed and I have gathered. I will venture to say that sightings of ancient fireballs and related phenomena are most certainly an inspiration for the countless legends, myths, folk tales and even Biblical accounts throughout history, though with widely varied interpretations. One of the most universal embodiments of mythologized sightings of such luminous phenomena can be found in most ancient cultures in variations on the Firebird archetype. In Russian Folklore a magical, fiery bird that can bring either fortune, doom, or even enlightenment and spiritual awakening to its captors. Ed and I feel there is a very good reason for the latter effect, because ‘plasma’, the likely inspiration for the myth and legend, is a perfect consciousness resonator, manifests on consciousness altering ‘vortex’ locations, and is one of the ‘natural’ and cosmic elements that transmit and can be a conduit for Collective Consciousness, and ultimately the Infinite Intelligence of Creation. (Ref. 13A & 13B)


The Russian Geophysical research referenced here, with countless other recorded sightings, have documented a high rate of ‘UFO’, ‘fireball’, plasma, and other anomalous activity concentrated in areas of Russia, though such sightings and folklore are found worldwide. Just as fire breathing Dragons are the stuff of Celtic legends in a land that’s also known for its plasma and UFO activity, so Russian folk tales are rife with variations on the Firebird legend, and the traditional tales make a convincing case for a common source that was no doubt witnessed to the utter amazement of centuries of people who made it one of their most enduring tales. The classic Russian Firebird is described as plumed in glowing red and orange feathers, flaming with a fiery countenance, its flaming feathers dropping to the grass, where they continued to burn brightly but remarkably did not smoke or give off heat. (Ref. 13B)


Firebird archetypes can be found universally in the legends and mythologies of China; Egypt; Persia; India; North, Central, and South America, among the many, and in specific myths and traditions of the Aztec, Mayan, Native American tribes among others, in various forms such as Quetzalcoatl, the Phoenix, Thunderbird, and the Egyptian Benno. Today the orange-red fireballs that inspired legend are more often witnessed and recognized by some as ‘atmospheric plasmas’, and more commonly reported as luminous ‘UFOs’. Hundreds of orange-amber plasmas have now been videotaped and reported widely in the news, though seemingly not generally recognized as such. Ed himself has witnessed more than a hundred and videotaped several that his published articles and our website document. (Ref. 13A)


The Flying Carpet


Fig. 10 - The Flying Carpet by Victor Vasnetsov - 1880.
Prince Ivan returning to the tzar with the captured Firebird.


That such similar myths arose in virtually every ancient culture strongly suggests a mutual connection to manifestations of a common ‘luminous’ and ‘fiery’ phenomenon that must have been witnessed countless times over widely spread time periods and locations, including the sacred sites that were built to mark the places where awe and legend inspiring ‘signs and wonders’ had been seen and ‘mystical’ experiences were known to occur.


The description from Russian folktale writer, P.P. Ershov, of the Firebird and the effects it leaves behind are stunningly suggestive of non-manmade Crop Circle creation. Ershov remarkably describes that “When Ivan came into the palace with his catch, the bird's light was so intense that the tsar started to call for help, thinking the room was on fire! "There are no flames here," Ivan assured him. "The light is from the fabled Firebird." He then goes on to describe that “The field as if day Shines; Wonderful light around, But does not heat, does not smoke, most remarkably the crops fell after her.” (Ref. 13B) Extraordinary folkloric evidence and corroboration of a ‘fire that does not burn’, and a crop ‘falling’ phenomenon, strikingly characteristics of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon. The actual manifestation of which has been eye witnessed and documented by a rare few, including Ed Sherwood in 1992 (and as described in previous paragraphs). (Ref. 13C)


It was absolutely astonishing to me to find that the classic Firebird tale actually included the fact that crops were mysteriously found ‘trampled down’ and the harvest ruined. The brothers in the traditional story took turns watching the fields at night to capture the culprit. (Sound familiar? The very thing has occurred in past years in English crop fields in similar attempts to catch Crop Circle ‘culprits’ in the act) According to folklore a mysterious White Horse was suspected of running through the crops at night and causing the ‘trampling’ and damage, and the brothers in the story set out to catch it in the act. (Fig. 11) It was the damage caused by the fabled White Horse, and efforts to prevent it that inspired the search for the fortune-bestowing Firebird, which over time and retelling became symbolic of a heroic quest to bring luck and regain prosperity for those taking on the mythic challenge. In a tremendous synchronicity, the English landscape, where the modern day Crop Circle phenomenon originates, is also known for the Nine White Horses of varying historical dates and significance, that are carved into its chalk hillsides. (Fig. 11A)


The Firebird folktale’s White Horse


Fig. 11 – The Firebird folktale’s White Horse, and suspected ‘trampler of the crops’.
From a 1964 Russian publication of Ershov’s original Humpbacked Pony poem.


The fact that the Firebird and the trampled crops were spoken of in the same tale is absolutely stunning evidence, even though the legend hadn’t made the clear connection between the Firebird ‘causing’ the downed crops, though they ‘fell after her’. The Firebird was known of and sought in an effort to regain lost crops and achieve prosperity, as it was described in the tales. (Ref. 13D) Not a surprising conclusion at all that the direct connection wasn’t made then in ancient folklore, considering that the modern day version of the debate is still going on today. It has been Ed’s and my ‘thankless task’ to try to make what we’ve observed and know to be true about this and related subjects available to public awareness, despite and to the consternation of the many involved in the subject who do not really want ‘answers’, but a synergistic and profitable ‘mystery’.


The Alton Barnes White Horse


Fig. 11A – The Alton Barnes White Horse
Photo Copyright Ed Sherwood 2003


The enigmatic description of a ‘fire that does not burn’ in the Firebird legend is also uncannily similar to the Bible’s description of Moses’ encounter with the ‘burning bush’ in the Bible’s Book of Exodus, and consistent with reports that the ball plasmas, and related luminous manifestations that have been witnessed in England in areas where Crop Circles are known to appear, and are recorded in local lore, are a ‘cool plasma’. A fact Ed has known and disseminated for years: that this type of plasma is a ‘fire that does not burn’ or scorch the crop when ‘Earthing’ and, as he has experienced, does not give off heat, even when very close.


2 And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him out of the midst of a bush; and he looked and beheld, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.
3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. (Ref. 13E)


On August 5, 1994, while living in the Pewsey Vale of Southwest England, Ed encountered what he terms a ‘pre-plasma’ luminosity, and it struck him as remarkably similar to the description of Moses’ ‘burning bush’. While hanging his washing out on a line in his garden, he observed a Soccer ball sized, bright luminosity popping on and off and moving back and forth over his neighbor’s roof, as if it was trying to get his attention. After ‘playfully’ interacting with it psychicly for several minutes he turned to go inside. As he passed within two feet of a bush in the garden, a brilliant white illumination suddenly engulfed the bush. All he could see was a mass of blinding light that filled his sight and lasted for about two seconds. The source of the energy behind this luminous phenomenon, as I referenced, is demonstrably psycho-interactive with the observer, and Ed experienced this. It was another of the thousands he’s experienced, and witnessed since July 1992. (Ref. C) His home at the time was located on a multiple ley-line crossing point and strong vortex, and he experienced many various and related phenomena while living there. This psycho-interactive, consciousness altering energy may well have been what “spoke” to Moses through the Infinite Mind of ‘God’ as he beheld the ‘Burning Bush’. Below is a photograph from our website that most closely illustrates the type of luminosity Ed witnessed in the bush. This particular light form was seen discharging in the Crop Circle by two young women, whose Mother took the photograph after what her excited daughters informed her they were witnessing. (Fig. 12) (Ref. 13C)


Daytime luminosity


Fig. 12 – Daytime luminosity over the 1994 ‘Galaxy’ Crop Circle formation.
Wiltshire, England July 1994.
Courtesy of photographer, anonymous by request.


In 2003, two days before Ed and I presented new research information about the ‘light beam’ phenomenon, including its psycho-interactive nature, my discoveries related to Vacuum Domain physics, and the connection between ‘ball plasma’ and the Firebird legends, we witnessed a psycho-interactive display of two dramatic and impressive ‘light beams’ ourselves, like a sign of confirmation of our intentions. I have witnessed several plasmas myself, and Ed has probably lost count of how many he’s witnessed, but this was the first time I saw such a beam of light myself, and it was an unforgettable experience. (Fig. 13) (Ref. 13F)


We had gone to a location that Ed sensed we might experience “something directly associated with non-manmade Crop Circle creation”. We were standing in the dark in the rural English countryside on the Woodborough Canal Bridge close to midnight when we saw two large, very bright beams of light shoot down suddenly, one after the other onto a hilltop location near to Golden Ball Hill, exactly where Ed had witnessed a very wide and bright light beam in 1992. (Ref 13F) The beams were followed by the most unusual ‘banging’ sounds, and at first we thought ‘military detonations’, but quickly realized it would not be the case in that location on public land. We heard the ‘Ooos and Ahhs of people at a distance, and who obviously had seen the same spectacular ‘atmospheric discharge’. We were unable to locate any other witnesses the next day, and there were no ground markings that we could find at the location where they had occurred.


Ball Plasma Close Encounter


Fig. 13 – Light beam witnessed by Ed and Kris Sherwood from Woodborough Canal Bridge.
Woodborough, Wiltshire, England, July 2003.
Illustrated photograph – Ed Sherwood Copyright 2003

Under the Streetlamp

In a quirky city version of a related interactive plasma phenomena, there is the oddity of "Streetlamp Interference", that is detailed on a website I located doing internet research, which includes "grounding" information offered to the sometimes confused victims of this streetlamp effect (Ref. 14), who apparently often think they are the only ones to have experienced it. I’ve actually spoken to people who thought it was some strange and unique personal power they were unconsciously projecting. It does seem to be more affected by negative or aggressive disturbances in the particular person’s psyche experiencing it. “EEL”, the site’s webmaster, fairly accurately terms the effect “electromagnetic psychokinesis”. The phenomenon concerns the apparent disruption of the common city streetlight’s gaseous illumination medium (plasma), by a person's physical or mental presence, causing it to flicker or blink out when they approach, or turn their attention to it. This is possibly attributable to the particular electromagnetic, or psychokinetic effects, or emanations, of certain people, due to unrecognized variables that disrupt the plasma-like light source of the streetlight, which is actually exhibiting the observed tendency of plasma to be sensitive to, and react interactively with, subtle energy fields. This further confirms Ed’s contentions of the psycho-interactiveness of plasma with human consciousness. The Aurora Borealis is another form of plasma that also has been a subject of a scientific study, which has documented its apparent ability to respond psycho-interactively with its observer. Not surprising, considering the behaviors of other forms of plasma.

New Scientific Evidence of the
Psychokinetic Effects of Consciousness

I’m not a degreed scientist, but I feel I have a layman's grasp of basic principles of physics and science and, I think, a general intuitive understanding of how these subtle and complex interactions can work, as well as how they are involved in Crop Circle co-creation as I understand it. The contributing factors necessary to be accepted, and supported with scientific documentation, involve difficult to document phenomena like the elusive "atmospheric plasmas", the subtle energies and effects of consciousness, the observable but also difficult to prove interactions of consciousness with natural forces and physical matter. It is truly a fantastic new frontier of awareness and knowledge only now beginning to be understood and gain a degree of acceptance, that transforms our understanding of reality and the true nature of our physical world. Innovative new thinking and research like that being done by groups such as The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and The Millennium Group among others, is offering substantiating scientific evidence in support of the concept of a unifying field of collective consciousness that actually interacts with planetary forces to literally co-create events and influence physical and etheric reality. The known and scientifically documented "power of prayer" is one of most compelling examples of the co-creative effect of the psychokinetic energy of focused human consciousness, and the demonstrated physical effect of our thoughts, in practical application.

“Magic” of the Living Earth

Ed has been sharing his understanding of plasma's role in Crop Circle co-creation with fellow researchers and audiences for over ten years; though as yet he hasn't found time to write the comprehensive piece on it he would like to do, I give him full credit for sharing his observations with me, information that has enabled me to also understand the astonishing manner in which plasma can behave under very particular conditions, and even be influenced by one's thoughts and consciousness. Evidence strongly suggests that there is a complex interaction of planetary physics and consciousness, capable of being combined by an Infinite Intelligence source, to produce surpassingly brilliant geometric shapes made in uniquely swirled and flattened crop. It seems to include elements of electromagnetics, plasma dynamics, gravitational and angular momentum effects (Ref. 15), local geophysical and meteorological conditions, and the influence of the psychokinetic energy of a unifying field of collective and Infinite consciousness that Ed and I think is delivering "messages", or answers, that are vital to us all at this critical time in Earth's history (Ref. 16).

It seems likely to guess that ancient sightings of these primarily nighttime plasmas may have inspired the imaginations of our ancient Celtic ancestors to conjure tales of "Fire-breathing Dragons", and twinkling "Faeries" that roamed the misty, and geomantically-charged hills of Merlin's Ancient and Magical Land. These enigmatic luminous emanations were witnessed and revered by our ancestors of all cultures, and still can be seen today, as mystical appearing lights, small orbs, and hissing fire-balls, that fly over, from, and into the land and the hilltops, and along the criss-crossed ley-line web of energy, flowing around and through the rolling land.

So, in Crop Circle Country, when the sun goes down and the “plasma envelope” surrounding Earth is drawn toward her night side by Solar and planetary forces (Ref 17), and geomagnetic and "electrogravidynamic" conditions are just right, balls of plasma ‘night-fire’ (Ref. 18) flicker on like candle flames, and bob over the ancient rolling land, riding on waves of mass consciousness that pulse through the "Dragon Paths" of Earth (Ref. 15), erupting in dazzling luminous displays, and geometrically organized eruptions of psycho-kinetically fueled Divine Energy, that occasionally leaves behind Its' Crop Circle Co-creations as metaphorical mirrors held up to our collective questions, and vital issues in need of our attention. At the same time facilitating our necessary Global awakening to "other realities", and to our ultimate responsibilities of caring for our unspeakably beautiful and precious planet, and its critically endangered future, while teaching us that we are truly able to mutually co-create a more positive and balanced future for the greater good of The All.

Copyright © 2002 - 2008 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.

Reference Sources:

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Ref. note: Several years ago an anonymous follower of our research emailed me the reference to Ershov’s 19th century poem. I’m grateful to him for the lead that assisted me in locating even more compelling historical documentation to support my and our observations and research conclusions.

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Ref. 17 A fact of planetary physics first shared with me by Ed Sherwood, and one I later discovered scientific documentation and corroboration of on NASA’s Solar Physics pages.

Ref. 18 A self-reference to my 1998 observation that two alchemical symbols, ones that individually
signified “night” and “fire”, were contained in a 1998 Crop Circle formation. The symbols were
combined into one glyph and could be read as Nightfire, a perfect metaphor for the nighttime
plasmas known to be associated with non-manmade Crop Circle creation.

* Indicates articles posted on the CCA ‘Article’ page at:


Fig. 1 Atmospheric “Ball Plasma”
Hessdalen, Norway, photographed February 12, 1982 by Leif Havik
from Litlfjellet toward Hessdalen. Copyright Project Hessdalen
Project Website: http://www.hessdalen.hiof.no.
Photo used with the kind permission of Prof. Erling Strand, the Project’s Webmaster.

Fig. 2 Illustration of Ed Sherwood's "light beam" sighting in 1992
Illustration © 2002 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 3 Illustration of Nancy Talbott's "light beam" sighting in 2001
© 2001 Andreas Mueller ICCA – The International Crop Circle Archive

Fig. 4 "The Belokurikha Flame". Photo credited as "author unknown" in the article
"Planetophysical Functions of Vacuum Domains" by A. N. Dmitriev, V. L. Dyatlov,
and A. V. Tetneov (Geology Institute UIGGM, Mathematics Institute SB RAS, Gorno-Altaisk State
University), © to, and as posted on, The Millennium Group website at: http://www.tmgnow.com.
Photo used with the kind permission of Gary Goodwin of The Millennium Group

Fig. 5 “Large Scale NSLF” (“Natural Self Luminous Formations”, or “Vacuum Domains”)
Photographed above the Katun Mountain Ridge, Russia, August 12, 1972; as appears
in the scientific paper "Planetophysical Functions of Vacuum Domains" by A. N. Dmitriev,
V. L. Dyatlov, and A. V. Tetneov (Geology Institute UIGGM, Mathematics Institute SB RAS,
Gorno-Altaisk State University) As posted on, and copyrighted to The Millennium Group website at: http://www.tmgnow.com Photo used with the kind permission of Gary Goodwin of The Millennium Group

Fig. 6 “Eclipse Lights” Witnessed During the Total Solar Eclipse
Filmed by Kris Sherwood, August 11, 1999, Cornwall, England.
Video Still © 1999 Millennium Research
A full report written by Ed Sherwood is posted on the Sightings page of our website at: http://www.cropcircleanswers.com/sightings_pic6.htm (See also Ref. 6)

Fig. 7 “Moving Luminosity with Non-Luminous Areas, Absent of Light” Photographed
in the Santa Monica Mnts, by David Mitchell © 1999.
For more information visit the picture’s page on our Psychic Photography Gallery at: http://www.cropcircleanswers.com/120301/PSI-G_NSpics/8.htm

Fig. 8 Plasma Sighting
Huish Hill, Wiltshire, UK, Witnessed and filmed by Ed Sherwood, July 23, 2001
Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research.
A full report written by Ed Sherwood is posted on Sightings page of our website at: http://www.cropcircleanswers.com/sightings_pic3.htm

Fig. 9 ‘Close Encounter’ with an “Atmospheric Plasma”
Witnessed and recorded by Maria Ward, July 28, 1992
Photograph © 1992 Maria Ward
Gratefully used with her permission, and is also pictured on our CropCircleAnswers.com Home page
in the cross-dissolving “Applet” that depicts the progression of a Crop Circle Co-creation event;
something Ed actually witnessed in July 1992.


Fig. 10 - ‘The Flying Carpet’ by Victor Vasnetsov (1880). Oil on canvas.
Prince Ivan returning to the Tzar with the captured Firebird. Public Domain image.


Fig. 11 - The White Horse of the Firebird folktale, and suspected ‘trampler of the crops’. Book illustration from P.P. Ershov’s 19th century poem The Humpbacked Horse (konek-gorbunok) Republished in Russia in 1964.


Fig. 11A - The Alton Barnes White Horse. Historic land art.
Photo Copyright Ed Sherwood 2003


Fig. 12 - Daytime luminosity over the ‘Galaxy’ Crop Circle formation. July 1994, near the Avebury Stone Avenue, Wiltshire, England. Courtesy of the photographer: anonymous by request.


Fig. 13 - Light beam witnessed by Ed and Kris Sherwood from Woodborough Canal Bridge, Woodborough, Wiltshire, England, July 2003. Illustrated photograph by Ed Sherwood. Copyright 2003

With heartfelt thanks to Gary Goodwin of The Millennium Group; Andreas Mueller, ICCA;
Prof. Erling Strand, Webmaster of Project Hessdalen; and Maria Ward for allowing the inclusion
of their images in this article; and with inexpressible appreciation of my husband Ed Sherwood,
and the invaluable contributions he has made with his unparalleled experiences and understanding
of these complex and astonishing phenomena.

For further related information visit our website at: http://www.CropCircleAnswers.com
Email: millennium9@earthlink.net

Ed and Kris Sherwood
Millennium Research
P.O. Box 2084
Santa Monica, CA


Copyright © 2002 - 2008 Ed & Kris Sherwood
All Rights Reserved



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