Major Interview On Crop Circles

By Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern speaks with Ed & Kris Sherwood, two of the most well-known and respected researchers of the Crop Circle mystery.’

Originally posted on the Phenomena Magazine website on March 16th 2005,
by Nick Redfern (Internationally known UFOlogist, Author & Co-Editor of Phenomena Magazine), the interview profiled our research.

This version of the same (unedited) interview includes many images
that were not able to be included in the original Phenomena Magazine website posting, and links to further information. Ed & Kris Sherwood

How and when did you first both become involved in Crop Circle research?
E: I first read about ‘Crop Circles’ in the mid-1970s, after a ‘Close Encounter of the Third Kind’, a series of UFO sightings, and a UFO book given to me under mysterious circumstances, stimulated me to read all I could about the subject, especially cases involving physical and biophysical evidence.

In early 1984, I began to study Crop Circles further by subscribing to ‘Flying Saucer Review’ (FSR), a long established and respected UFO journal that published Crop Circle reports. Impelled by an increasing feeling that something very important, of a physical and psycho-spiritual nature, associated with UFOs, was going to happen worldwide during the last decade of the last millennium, I started to keep a very watchful eye on Crop Circle reports.
I was anticipating an increase in UFO sightings, Crop Circle reports, and Natural and Supernatural occurrences worldwide; an end of the millennium decade of ‘signs’ and ‘wonders’ in the Cosmos and on the Earth, affirming the actuality of ‘God’, and the fact that we are NOT alone; the fulfillment of ancient prophesies; signs of the ‘Second Coming’; and visible ‘preparations’ and indications of a global physical ‘mass landing’ and exposure of Extraterrestrial civilizations, with benevolent intentions, concerns, and means to help the Earth and Humanity (an event I think is still to happen, Ref.1 & 2).

For the next six years I continued to investigate the phenomenon from a distance,
noting circle physiology, and the reported number, timing, and placing of formations each year. Like other researchers at the time, I observed the exponential increase in the number of formations throughout the 1980s, and their ‘clustering’ near the major ancient sacred sites of Southern England, as two very auspicious signs. I saw ‘prophesies’ being fulfilled. UFOs and Crop Circles were increasingly becoming more ‘visible’, and ‘accessible’, through the other.

As the 1980s drew to a close, I felt ‘Contact’ with the circles ‘Origin’ was immanent and something many people, including myself, would experience in some form.
I watched the phenomenon unfold, until late July 1990, when news and images of an enormous Crop Circle ‘Pictogram’ found near Alton Priors, in Wiltshire, stirred me to begin onsite research in earnest (Ref.3).

Bratton Camp, near Westbury in Wiltshire, was the first Crop Circle site I visited in 1990. At its ‘foot’ was a hoaxed pictogram made to discredit the phenomenon and its researchers. However, Bratton Camp was also the location of a multi-national Crop Circle surveillance project organized by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews that summer called ‘Operation Blackbird’. Many different countries television and newspaper media were there too, as well as security guards, military personnel, and a small group of dedicated UFO ‘experiencers’, including Rita Gould (an Internationally known and respected psychic), and other participants and witnesses of the first eventful sophisticated Crop Circle surveillance project, held the previous June, near Cheesefoot Head in Hampshire, named Operation ‘White Crow’, also organized by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews.

With Rita and a friend, in July and August of 1990, I investigated Crop Circle formations in Wiltshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire. I saw convincing evidence of both non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and deceptive human circle making. I also saw positive and negative ‘signs’ of things to come. Hoaxing for example, first became a major problem in 1990. In late July, after a personal encounter with a mysterious ‘sound’ recorded inside a Crop Circle, I began to ‘decipher’ non-manmade Crop Circle pictograms, starting with a formation that symbolized (amongst other things) the ‘interference’ effect of ‘sound waves’ (Fig. 12 & Ref. 4)! A few months later, I decoded the 1990 formation that first stirred me to begin onsite research, and to revise ‘who’, and ‘what’ I thought was creating most non-manmade formations.
K: I’ve had a lifelong interest in psychic and unusual phenomenon, and have experienced precognitive dreams for as long as I can remember (including one two days before John Lennon’s assassination that contained eerie details of that event). I had a peripheral awareness of Crop Circles before 1991, but by the end of that year, in which the fantastic Mandelbrot and Barbury Castle Crop Circle formations had appeared in England, I had become totally enraptured by the beauty and mystery of the phenomenon. A coworker at the time had brought a videotape of the film Undeniable Evidence to work for a lunchtime screening (Thank you Allen Stovall!) and, upon seeing it I was completely stunned. I immediately began a focused effort to learn all I could about the subject; becoming actively involved in research and attempts to bring public awareness to the phenomenon, which eventually led me to England and to Ed. I helped facilitate some TV productions that were reporting on the subject, also helping organize some Crop Circle events, including a few talks by Circles’ videographer Peter Sorenson (1992-4) and also initiating a proposal to IMAX film producers in early 1995 to interest them in producing an IMAX film on the phenomenon.

What sort of phenomenal events have you experienced while conducting
Crop Circle research?

E: I have witnessed what is behind the creation of many non-manmade
Crop Circle formations. Phenomenal events have included, numerous ‘interactive’ psychokinetic events, the most impressive being the materialization of many
non-manmade Crop Circle ‘Pictograms’ since 1990 (Ref. 3); the appearance of ‘Balls’ and ‘Beams’ of light (Fig. 8 & 9, Ref. 5 & 6); unusual Sounds (Ref. 7, 8, 9 & 4); Magnetic (Ref. 3); and Ion effects; and Biophysical anomalies (Fig. 5, Ref. 9 & 10). I have also experienced Extraterrestrial ‘Close Encounters’, of the ‘First’ to the ‘Fifth Kind’, while conducting Crop Circle and related phenomena research (Ref. 11).

Before meeting Kris in 1995, and since, I have experienced many non-manmade Crop Circle formations appear in ‘response’ to what I, we, and/or other people have privately thought, said, written, drawn, given attention to, researched, questioned, and done, before, during, and after, an event (Fig. 1, 3 & 10, Ref. 8).

For example, on the night of July 22nd 1992, I participated in a spontaneous group meditation involving visualizing, for approximately twenty minutes, a new Crop Circle symbol for the genuine circle creating intelligence, or intelligences, to make. Held after sunset, on Woodborough Hill, near the village of Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, it was a discrete experiment initiated by Dr Steven Greer, and supported by the late Shari Adamiak, Colin Andrews, Maria Ward, Linda Howe, Ron Russell, Lynn Gladwyn, George Wingfield, and myself. A few minutes before meditating Dr Greer asked the group to silently intuit a possible design. After a couple of minutes, he then asked everyone in turn what they thought. Interestingly, seven out of nine people, including myself, all thought of the same thing; three equally sized and spaced apart circles, arranged in an equilateral triangle, each connected by a narrow single straight pathway towards their centers. This symbol was then visualized, and ‘transmitted’ into the Cosmos by the group mind. Amazingly, hours later, a few miles away, for the first time anywhere, the exact Crop Circle sign was discovered in a wheat field near the village of ‘Roundway’. (Fig. 1 & 2, Ref. 8) Kris recently discovered what the formation could be referencing and this will be included in a forthcoming work.

Fig. 1 Roundway 1992 Crop Circle Pictogram
Video Still Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 2 Ground Shot of the Roundway Pictogram
Video Still Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The following month, I privately described to a Crop Circle researcher, ‘who’ and ‘what’ I thought was creating most non-manmade formations, including the physics
of their creation, and the meaning of certain non-manmade Crop Circle pictograms that had appeared up to that point. Again, a few hours later, less than thirty miles away, next to a major ancient sacred site (Silbury Hill), a massive formation was found ‘mirroring’ exactly what I had said, and the order in which I had described my findings, including the previously ‘deciphered’ pictogram symbols I had referenced (Fig. 3 & 4, Ref. 8)!!


Fig.3 Aerial Shot of the Silbury Hill Pictogram
Photo Copyright 1992 Maria Ward

Fig.4 Silbury Hill 1992 Crop Circle Pictogram
Video Still Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Late February 1996 I emigrated to California thinking I wouldn’t be able to conduct Crop Circle research in England that summer due to a lack of funds after emigrating.
It would be the first summer since 1990 that I couldn’t travel to Wiltshire to conduct research where the phenomenon has occurred the most worldwide. However, two weeks later the first non-manmade Crop Circle pictogram (later authenticated through biophysical analysis by W.C. Levengood), in the Northern Hemisphere, appeared just fifty miles South of LA at Laguna Canyon, allowing Kris and I to conduct a detailed onsite investigation (Ref. 10).

Fig. 5 Wild Oat Plants Bent 90 Degrees Inside the Laguna Canyon Pictogram
Video Still Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

We were the first Crop Circle researchers to arrive at the Canyon pictogram, and what we saw and documented, before it was damaged by further visitation, was ‘undeniable evidence’ of non-manmade pictogram creation. Phenomenal biophysical effects included selective plant bending. On a hillside seeded with many mixed plant species, only two were bent 90 degrees, in addition to the natural bend of the plant, without a crease or a break, characteristic of a non-manmade Crop Circle formation (Fig. 5), and they were both English plants! The plants looked as if they had been ‘steamed into position (Ref. 10). Shortly after investigating the pictogram we decoded the symbols it was comprised of and wrote an extensive report and a widely published article on our findings.

We grew seeds from another non-manmade Crop Circle formation that appeared near Litchfield (England), in 1995, and instead of a single wheat stem producing one wheat head, a stem produced up to six additional stems and heads!!
The implications of this are profound no? (Ref. 9)

Apart from Crop Circle ‘materializations’, I have also witnessed more than a hundred ‘UFOs’ while conducting Crop Circle and related phenomena research. UFO sightings have been of two distinct types: a form of atmospheric ‘ball plasma’
(Fig. 6, & Ref. 12), and Extraterrestrial technology (Fig. 7, & Ref. 11). On one occasion, in July 1992, I saw an ‘amber-orange’ colored ‘ball of light’ precede the creation of a non-manmade Crop Circle Formation (Ref. 13).

On August 3rd 2003 I witnessed and filmed several large balls light, in the same general area and identical to what I observed descend into a wheat field and precede non-manmade Crop Circle creation in 1992. One of the luminosities also demonstrated on camera how mind ‘interactive’ apparent ball plasma can be, when it ‘responded’ to three spoken requests that I made on camera, while ‘hovering’ approximately four and a half miles away! (Fig. 6 & Ref. 12).


Fig.6 Atmospheric ‘Ball Plasma’
35mm Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 7 Illustration of One of Two ‘UFOs’ Witnessed and Filmed Near the East Kennett 2000 Crop Circle Pictogram
Image Copyright 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

In July 1992 I came within thirty feet of a hovering ‘Extraterrestrial craft’, a few minutes after walking out of a non-manmade Crop Circle. The aerial object was also observed by approximately eight other people (including Dr Steven Greer and a US/UK CSETI ‘team’), who signaled to the UFO with a torch and received the same ‘response’ back. A more recent ‘Close Encounter’ occurred while Kris and I were conducting a ‘Psychic Photography’ experiment inside a non-manmade Crop Circle formation, in Wiltshire in July 2000. The sighting included two silent ‘unknowns’, and an intercepting military helicopter, and four other witnesses at two different locations. A second half of this sighting I was also able to film (Fig. 7, & Ref. 11).
Another phenomenon I have witnessed almost every day since July 22nd 1992,
as a direct result of conducting an ‘interactive’ and ‘psychic’ approach to Crop Circle research, are balls of light(BOLs), not visible in an ‘ordinary’ state of consciousness, but visible in a ‘superconscious’ state of awareness, and to photographic equipment sensitive to infrared frequencies. The BOLs are usually brilliant ‘white’, but can also appear in wide range of colors, and sizes, from as small as a brightly lit pin head to more than a hundred feet in diameter!
(Fig. 8, & Ref. 5)

Fig.8 ‘Night Vision’ Camera Records ‘BOLs’
While Inside the East Kennett 2000 Crop Circle Pictogram

HI8/Video/TV/35mm Still Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

On the night of July 26th 1992, at approximately 11pm, inside a genuine Crop Circle formation near Alton Priors (Wiltshire), I observed the same bright white balls, and also ‘flashes’ of light (invisible to other people present), appear, disappear, and reappear above a hedge and a group of trees about a third of a mile away. Moments later, the ‘lights’ suddenly multiplied in number tremendously, and then all at once vanished. They were immediately replaced by a large, roughly 20-30 foot diameter ‘amber-orange’ colored ball plasma, which after holding a stationary position for about a minute and a half, and swaying from side to side, quickly descended into a wheat field and preceded the creation of a non-manmade Crop Circle formation near Draycott Fitz Payne (a ringed circle and a single circle).

When I visited the site soon afterwards I saw some of the most impressive biophysical evidence of the non-manmade phenomenon to date, including plants
swirled at the center of the formation having multiple stem ‘nodes’ bent at 90 degrees, without a break or a crease!

I have observed the ‘process’ of ordinarily invisible balls of light transforming into
‘physical’ ball plasma and that lead to non-manmade Crop Circle creation only once. However, I have also observed the subtle energy light balls become ball plasma many times.

Another phenomenon associated with non-manmade Crop Circle creation,
rarely seen, is atmospheric ‘beam plasma’. I have experienced it on two occasions, once in 1992 (Ref. 6), and more recently. In July 2003, only two days before Kris and I gave our main Crop Circle presentation in England, at Glastonbury, presenting evidence of the ‘light beam’ phenomenon to a UK audience for the first time, we witnessed it! (Fig. 9)


Fig. 9 Beam Plasma Observed Near ‘Golden Ball’ Hill
Rendered Photo Copyright 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 10 Roundway 1997 Crop Circle Formation & ‘Light Beam’
Photo Copyright 1997 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

In 2003, I sensed clairvoyantly that Kris and I should go to a certain discreet location in the Wiltshire landscape, if we wished to witness something directly associated with non-manmade Crop Circle creation. Within a few minutes of arriving at the site we witnessed, above Golden Ball Hill, a little more than two miles away, near Huish, a tremendous atmospheric light ‘discharge’, including two brilliant light beams, that shot down to the hill from low clouds (Fig. 9).
Six years previously, Kris and I were investigating a Crop Circle pictogram near Roundway that had been clairvoyantly ‘dreamt’ of by Kris, when I took this photo of the formation from an adjacent hill, including what appears to be a light beam between myself and Kris, who’s sitting at the bottom of the hill. It was invisible to us at the time (Fig. 10).

K: There have been so many phenomenal events I can only summarize a few here. In nearly incomprehensible ongoing synchronicities demonstrating the interconnectedness of life and consciousness, Ed was the first person I met upon arriving in Wiltshire; within 24 hours of meeting Ed I had photographed a UFO over Roundway Hill that’s characteristics and location I actually had dreamt of before travelling to England (Fig. 11). An even more phenomenal event associated with the Roundway location is related to a clairvoyant dream I experienced years earlier that culminated a couple of years later (in 1997) in the appearance of a non-manmade Crop Circle pictogram, and a direct and unmistakable ‘response’ from the ‘Primary’ Crop Circle creating intelligence (Fig. 10, & Ref. 8).

Fig.11 Unidentified Aerial Object Photographed Above ‘Roundway Hill’
Photo Copyright 1995 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

Upon returning to California after first meeting Ed, while driving to work on the freeway, I photographed an anomalous ‘cloud ring’ (Ref. 11), synchronously portentous of Ed’s and my imminent wedding plans. After Ed fully emigrated to America, a few months later in early 1996, a non-manmade Crop Circle formation appeared in Laguna Canyon, California, an hours’ drive from our home. We did our first mutual research report on that formation, deciphering it as a Native American petroglyph message stated in the traditional symbolic language of the indigenous Tongva Tribe of the Los Angeles area. Our report was published widely, and is available on our website (Ref. 10). Some of the most dramatic and significant phenomenal events we’ve experienced during the course of our research have been in the astonishing cases of direct and personal interaction with the Crop Circle phenomenon itself that we have observed in some of the formations that we have decoded and documented. We have seen amazing non-manmade formations appear in direct response to what we were doing, thinking, visualizing, or even dreaming at the time. Others also have had similar interactive experiences. Together we have witnessed many varied and utterly phenomenal occurrences. We have
together, and individually also discovered and decoded information and layers of meaning contained in many non-manmade pictograms, that to us provides irrefutable proof of an omnisciently aware ‘higher intelligence’ interacting with human consciousness.

'Who' do you think has been creating the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon?

E: This is the ‘holy grail’ of Crop Circle research, is it not?

In early 1991 I reached the conclusion that there were basically three ‘Sources’
behind the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon: The ‘Infinite Intelligence’ and Consciousness of ‘God’; Extraterrestrial Civilizations; and human circle makers. Beyond these were many more. For example, there is more than one source, force and energy, natural and supernatural, involved in Crop Circle creation by ‘God’. More than one Extraterrestrial Civilization has left behind evidence of its ‘presence’ also, and more than one deceptive human circle maker, and group, has manually constructed formations (some groups every year since 1990), using applied geometry and simple mechanical means.

In my view, Crop Circle formations ‘Created’ by what could be called God, are also ‘co-created’ by more than one ‘element’ of God, explaining why there are natural and supernatural, cosmic and terrestrial, physical and non-physical energies and forces, including the psychokinetic energy of Human Collective Consciousness, involved in non-manmade Crop Circle creation (Ref. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13).

Why do you think there is more than one source creating Crop Circles?
K: All the evidence supports that fact. As Ed says, “There are three sources”: Clearly people have made many, many Circles over the years, and others have been documented in relation to UFO events. The source we call the ‘Primary Source’, and that is the focus of our work, is by far the most profound and we feel is of the Highest Source; the one all ET Civilizations also ultimately answer to. The phenomenon itself has continually given us clues and symbols to define the physical mechanisms of its source, and has repeated its Divine ‘Name’ numerously in its astounding patterns over the years (Ref. 4).

What effect do you think deceptive human circle making has had on the phenomenon?

E: Deceptive human circle making, for whatever reason or motivation, has obscured
the truth of what has been unfolding in the fields for more than ten years. Many people around the world, as a consequence of Doug and Dave’s deception, and many ‘imitators’ since, turned way from the whole subject, or never looked into it, soon after it became world news, believing the Crop Circles (particularly ‘Pictograms’) to be nothing more than a manmade phenomenon. Deceptive human circle making is responsible for having caused a great deal of damage, conflict, division, doubt, distrust, and discrediting of the phenomenon. It has wasted a lot of peoples time, energy, money, and lives. It has alienated many farmers to the needs of the researcher and public. Farmers have destroyed modern day biblical ‘miracles’ in the fields believing them to be simple acts of human vandalism. Deceptive human circle makers have in essence, through ego and deception, supported by a willing media, fearful ‘powers that be’, and financial ‘sponsors’, helped to ‘crucify’ the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, by widely discrediting it and its ‘researchers. It is one thing to be skeptical, and to conduct open, honest ‘experiments’, and another to sneak into fields deceptively (over and over again), to flatten down crop illegally to make your own ‘statement’ believing you are the phenomenon.

K: The biggest effect it has had has been a very damaging and harmful one; incalculably so. Deceptive human circle making, mostly done without permission and as acts of criminal vandalism of private property, has created widespread doubt and skepticism about the very existence of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon. Similar to the mean spirited motivations of computer hackers who sociopathically destroy, importune, and waste others’ work, resources, and property, human circle makers have done their best to damage and discredit the Crop Circle phenomenon with their contrived imitations. It’s an unconscionable deception they have perpetrated because there is a profoundly spiritual purpose and message to be found in the genuine Circles that is being confused and made largely unrecognizable by the proliferation of hoaxing. The film Signs in 2002 had the effect of opening the closet doors on hoaxing activity, and helped ‘legitimize’ the hoaxers, many of whom were featured in various documentaries where they implied they were responsible for the entire phenomenon. Some have gone on to generate lucrative work making commissioned company logos in the fields, while laughing at the general strife they have created in their wake, especially among the Crop Circle ‘research community’. They have, as a retired physicist once said to Ed, “scribbled their graffiti over messages from God”. Any way you look at it, that’s not a good thing. Funds are pathetically scarce to research the genuine formations, to spend them on hoaxed ones is an additional waste.

Are non-manmade Crop Circle Pictograms ‘Messages’, and if so, what do they mean?

E: Non-manmade Crop Circle pictograms are ‘Messages’ and often convey more than one meaning. For example:

In August 1990, I began to investigate ‘Sonic energy’, and its effects, for clues about how non-manmade crop circle formations might be formed and, while checking an old physics book in my collection, found a diagram symbolizing ‘The Interference of Sound Wavesfrom a ‘tuning fork’, reflected in a Crop Circle pictogram, discovered two months earlier, near Chilcomb in Hampshire (Fig. 12, Ref. 4, 7, & 8).

Fig. 12 ‘The Word’
Diagram Copyright 1990 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
(top right: Based on an original Diagram Copyright 1969 H.J.P. Keighley & F.R. McKim)

At the center of the diagram, A, are two bars B and C, representing a vibrating tuning fork with its associated sound waves, as viewed from above. D, E, F, and G represent ‘lines of minimum sound intensity’ created by the interference effects of two sets of sound waves, compressed and rarefracted, leaving one set half a wavelength in advance of the other. Where they almost coincide a listener positioned along these lines would experience almost complete silence (Fig. 12).

As if to doubly affirm the role that sound plays in the physics of non-manmade crop circle creation, the Chilcomb pictogram, symbolizing the effects of sonic energy, formed in wheat, on June 6th 1990, only a few fields from where the first sophisticated Crop Circle surveillance operation (Operation ‘White Crow’) was held the previous June, and where a mysterious ‘trilling’ sound was heard and recorded in association with the appearance of a non-manmade Crop Circle formation (Ref 4, 7, & 8)!

Amazingly, the Chilcomb formation depicted both the audible and inaudible aspect of the interference of sound waves, and by its inference the two types of sounds recorded inside certain Crop Circle formations. It also beautifully symbolized
‘The Word’ (Ref. 1, ‘In the beginning was the Word’, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ John 1:1), by combining in the form of a simple graphic one of the oldest sacred symbols used by ancient cultures around the world to represent the Sun and God (‘The Creator’, or ‘Creator God’); a circle with a ‘dot’ at its center, represented in the Crop Circle pictogram by the outer ring and the central circle, with four ‘ring arcs’ or sound waves to symbolize The Word, and Creation
(in this case, non-manmade Crop Circle creation by The Word)!

The Chilcomb Crop Circle formation opened my eyes to the metaphorical language of Crop Circle design symbolism, and was the first pictogram I ‘deciphered’. The following year I learned that professor Gerald S Hawkins had discovered ‘musical ratios’ reflected in the mathematics and geometry of certain Crop Circle formations, including the Chilcomb pictogram!

K: They definitely are and do contain ‘messages’. As I touched on in an earlier question: varied cultures and beliefs worldwide have told of prophesied signs that would appear to herald important changes for humanity and sound a call to a greater spiritual awareness of our responsibility to each other and our planet’s well being in an extremely critical time in its history, when it’s dominant predatory species (us) finally has within its grasp for the first time the ability to actually destroy the planet’s environment and ecosystems, and is well on the way to doing so. To put it simply, the greater message can be said to be: “We are not alone” physically or spiritually in the universe, and our responsibility is to realize this and behave appropriately and humanely with the future in mind, to co-create a more livable reality.

How can someone interested in Crop Circles learn more about your research?

E: The best way to find out more about our research is to visit our website:

We have several main pages:

For announcements of new Articles, Reports, Sightings, Psychic Photography Experiments, Radio, Television, Video, and Talk Archive updates, visit: News.
For a portion of our published articles archive, including Crop Circle Pictogram decoding information, relating to 60 non-manmade formations, and more, visit: Articles. For a sample of our individual Crop Circle formation reports and Crop Circle ‘Field Report Highlights’, visit: Reports. To view stills from actual UFO video footage, photographs, illustrations and diagrams of some of our documented sightings, including unidentified aerial objects witnessed while conducting a ‘psychic’ and ‘interactive’ approach Crop Circle research, visit: Sightings. For a small selection of our ‘Psychic Photography’ research, photographing a psycho-interactive and psychokinetic luminous energy phenomenon associated with Crop Circle Creation, visit: Psychic Photography Gallery. To hear some of our past radio interviews, and to view our TV and Video Archives, where filmed Conference presentations, and documentaries referencing our research, can be ordered, visit: Radio, TV & Video Archives.

New Articles, Reports, Sightings, and Psychic Photography Experiments are being prepared for posting in early 2005.

Another way to find out more about our research is to watch for CCA ‘NEWS’ announcements of our forthcoming BOOK about the Crop Circle Phenomenon.

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