Unidentified Aerial Craft Sighting
White Field Hill Communication Mast,
Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire
, England



Video Stills Copyright 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

 July 23rd 2001
Witness & Videographer: Ed Sherwood

At full zoom from behind Gopher Wood the illuminated communications mast situated
at White Field Hill, near the village of Ogbourne St George, is clearly visible by late dusk onwards
by four bright red mast lights (2a).

At approximately 10:15pm, for nine minutes, a luminous unidentified aerial object maneuvered around
the communication mast
before descending to tree top level and suddenly disappearing (2b).



Early afternoon on July 23rd I (Ed Sherwood) set up camp behind Gopher Wood,
near the village of Huish in Wiltshire, and began to slowly prepare myself for a solo night watch.
One of the first things I did was to decide exactly where I should sit and what view I should focus
my attention on during the watch.

While checking both sides of Gopher Wood, I continuously felt a very strong urge to watch
from behind the wood, rather than in front of it. The latter would have given me a great view
of the Vale of Pewsey, and some well known UFO/Crop Circle hotspots, but denied me the view
where I was increasingly beginning to sense ‘UFO’ events would take place that evening.
I therefore decided to face what was for me a completely new night watching view behind the wood,
and to trust the guidance of intuition.

At approximately 8.30pm, after walking a few hundred feet from my tent, I selected a spot
on a steep hillside embankment that allowed me to view a wide area, including the illuminated
communications mast about 8 1/2 miles away (as the crow flies) at White Field Hill.

As night approached the weather conditions were characterized by good weather: high pressure,
calm stable air, and little to no wind. The sky was mostly clear.

Before beginning the night watch I asked the ‘Infinite Mind and Intelligence’ of all Creation,
and any benevolent extraterrestrial civilization able to appear within the viewing area,
permission to film anything that might occur. Then at about 9pm, after final preparations,
including requesting the appearance of plasmas and extraterrestrial vehicles,
I began the night watch.

At about 9:40pm an amber-orange coloured luminosity appeared
in front of me above the crest of Huish Hill

At approximately 10:15pm a different luminous unidentified aerial object suddenly appeared
near the communication mast. With the video-cam set on ‘Night Vision’ I began filming immediately,
observing the object mostly via the LCD screen on the camera, but also periodically with the naked eye.

Sequence of Events

1) My attention was suddenly drawn to a steady bright reddish coloured light (to the naked eye)
that appeared low above the distant horizon, above and perhaps a mile or two to the right
(from my view) of the illuminated communication mast. I began to film the object.

2) After a few seconds it suddenly changed from a ‘stationary’ steady bright red light to a slowly
rising irregular flashing bright white light that began to move slowly from right to left,
as if to approach the mast.

3) I Zoomed in on the object. Almost reaching the communications mast the flashing object
then appeared to stop and slowly began to reverse course. As it approached its original position
the flashing white light (to the naked eye) became a steady bright red light again. Examining the footage
later it was possible to see that the unknown object also continued to flash during this phase,
giving the appearance of a twinkling light to the naked eye.

4) After a few seconds the stationary steady reddish light changed back to a bright white irregular
flashing light, as it gained altitude slightly and once again approached the mast from right to left.
This time the flashing object appeared to fly over and past the mast, stopping some distance beyond it.
Exact distances I could not be sure of after dark, but observing and filming the object relative
to the communications mast through the video-cam, it appeared to be as far as the mast at all times,
remaining for most of the sighting within a mile of it.

 5) Appearing to move to the left of the mast the flashing object now became a steady light again
for several seconds. It flew some distance beyond the mast then paused, ‘hovering’ for about 30 seconds,
at which point I verbally requested that it suddenly position itself over the mast “as if you’re one
of the radio mast
lights”. Moments later, it resumed its irregular flashing (only) sequence,
as it slowly approached the mast again.

6) Moving from left to right the flashing white light seemed to just pass over the mast.
As it did it suddenly changed to a very bright steady red light (brighter than any previous steady
light phase, apart from its initial appearance). It now looked like one of the mast lights! As it passed
the mast, I suspended my request, and thanked it.  It remained in a steady light phase
for about 13 seconds while also continuing to flash, returning to its original position, 
perhaps 1/2 a mile to a 1 mile to the right of the mast.

7) Pausing for only a moment the ‘unknown’ began to approach
the communications mast once again, from right to left, flashing continuously. Passing above
the mast it then returned to its previous position, to the left of the mast, where I had made the request (2c).













Video Still Sequence Copyright 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Video still sequence 2c 2n showing the unidentified aerial object passing the illuminated communication
mast for the last time prior to ‘blinking out’ and disappearing.

8) Stopping only for a moment, the object then seemed to ‘triple’ in size, looking much larger
than any previous time, as it changed for the last time from a bright flashing white light to a brilliant
steady red light (2d). Moving from left to right it once again approached the mast, slowly descending (2e – 2g). Passing just above the mast lights the object continued to slowly lose altitude until it reached about tree
top (horizon) level. Then, perhaps 1/2 a mile from the mast, the unidentified aerial object suddenly
seemed to implode or ‘blink out’, like a light bulb being turned off (2h – 2n).

The duration of the filmed sighting was approximately nine minutes long, after which no further unidentified
aerial objects were observed. I ended the night watch behind Gopher Wood at around 11:15pm.

Further Observations

Summarizing the characteristics of the object and sighting: 

The visual appearance of the object alternated several times from being a large steady bright reddish
coloured light to a bright irregular flashing white light. At times it also appeared to have both a large
bright steady reddish light, and a bright irregular flashing white light. The large reddish light in size
was unlike any conventional navigation light that I have seen before. The unidentified object appeared suddenly.
It maneuvered passed the communications mast four times, clearly focussing on it. It also seemed to be
at most perhaps only a few hundred feet off the ground (if that?) throughout the sighting.
At no time did I hear any sound from the object.

Onsite observations that appeared to separate this object from civilian or military aircraft and helicopters:

While living in the Vale of Pewsey, and visiting this area for many years, I have not seen a large steady 
bright reddish coloured light as large as this one was, on any conventional aircraft or helicopter,
civilian or military before. I have observed hundreds of commercial and military aircraft
in and around this valley since 1992, under very similar conditions, and none appeared exactly
like the July 23rd unidentified aerial craft sighting at the White Field Hill communication mast.
Another detail that seemed very unusual and made the object ‘unidentified’ was its very irregular flashing
white light sequences, as well as its sudden blinking out.

However, what made the communication mast sighting particularly interesting to me
was that it appeared to be an ‘interactive sighting’.

After I observed the object for approximately seven minutes, it seemed to ‘interact’ with me
by ‘responding’ to my spoken request. About 35 seconds after I asked the unidentified craft to position
itself just above the communications mast, “as if you’re one of the radio mast lights”, it moved towards
the mast, then passed over it and suddenly increased in brightness considerably, looking very much
like one of the mast lights. Two and a half minutes later, after returning to the same position that I made
the request, it did it again even more dramatically, almost tripling in size!

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