Good Bye to 2005

2005 will be remembered as a year of unprecedented global disasters, both manmade and ‘natural’, on a scale that provides convincing evidence for many that the prophesized ‘End Times’ are upon us. Early calendar conversions could indeed mean that 2012, the much debated year of final Mayan prophesy, could arrive ‘sooner than we think’, as Kris wrote about earlier last year. 

Beginning with the aftermath of the tsunami of Biblical proportions in Southwest Asia that ended 2004 and, set against a backdrop of the ongoing carnage in Iraq and the Mid East, 2005 saw among other events, record breaking hurricanes in the US, the apocalyptic destruction of New Orleans that caused the largest forced migration of displaced populations in modern history (nearly 500 children are reportedly still ‘lost’ or unaccounted for in the wake of the US hurricanes, as are thousands of animals); the large scale terrorist attacks in London; the great loss of life in the Pakistan Earthquake; curiously unprecedented Solar activity in the midst of the Solar Cycle’s Minimum; escalated melting of the Polar caps, and other exponential losses and breakdowns of environment and ecosystems worldwide; rising world temperatures and increasing evidence of Global Warming; new and deadlier diseases threatening: all these among a much longer list of global ills and disasters filled the news of the year.

On a personal level we, as an individual couple sharing our eleventh year of marriage and combined Crop Circle research, have also had a very difficult and painful year, and are glad to see 2005 depart. We suffered the passing of two dear friends (we have lost ten close friends and colleagues over the last seven years):

Roger Hill   
Photographed by Ed Sherwood
Tom Augustine
Photographed by David Mitchell

We also lost our beloved Labrador companion of many years, Bessie (“Here’s looking at you Bessie Bess…we’ll meet again at Rainbow Bridge.”)

Bessie Mae Sherwood (1992 – 2005)
Photograph by Kris Sherwood

Our ‘day jobs’, reflecting the effects of general economic reversals, meant that basic survival was much more of a challenge last year (and continues to be). As a consequence, we haven’t been able to update our website for several months due to limited funds. Each time we update our website, needing the services of a web hosting company, it costs us about $100 -$150, and has cost us so far more than $6,000 to create).

We intend to continue making our website content free for all, while forging ahead on
further articles for the site, however, after our most difficult year of the past ten, we are struggling to stay afloat financially, physically, and emotionally. Spiritually our
inspiration remains our ongoing life’s work, which is to document what we have learned, experienced and discovered while conducting Crop Circle, UFO, and related phenomena research. We have many years of unpublished research findings (our own) yet to disseminate, and documentary work still ahead, only limited by our self-funded ability to share it. 

If our work has inspired or informed you and you would like to help enable us to continue making it available, please consider making a donation through the link below. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to any of you who offer a donation of any amount. Know that it will go toward helping us continue to disseminate and preserve our research contributions, for the collective understanding and historical record of the most profoundly inspiring and awareness changing phenomena manifesting in our times.


Ed & Kris Sherwood
January 2006


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