UFO’s & ETI Contact
A Personal Experience

By Ed Sherwood

Since 1979 I have observed more than 100 atmospheric Ball Plasma type ‘UFO’s’ and since 1975 more than 100 Extraterrestrial Technology type UFO’s. UFO ‘Close Encounters’ have ranged from the ‘First’ to the ‘Fifth’ Kind, and been observed from distances ranging from approximately ten miles (using known landmarks) to thirty feet away. Most of the encounters with ball plasma and Extraterrestrial technology type UFO’s were either, clairvoyantly remotely sensed, remotely viewed and/or psychically viewed (by other means) by myself before they became visible to other observers, and were also multiple independent eyewitness incidents.

To date, I have experienced no less than nine ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, or ‘CE3’s’. Four of these involved the same Extraterrestrial being and occurred in December 1974 (Ref.1), September 1979, December 1980 (Ref.2), and July 1992. Additional CE3’s involved a MIB encounter in March 1981 (Ref.3); a shocking incident with three ‘Ical’ like entities in September 1984 (Ref.4); a ‘life-saving’ encounter with three tall cloaked beings in November 1992; and two violating short ‘Grey’ encounters in July 1993 (Ref.8). If I include what I strongly suspect were two ‘Unidentified Flying Humanoid’ or ‘UFH’ encounters: one in November 2004 (Ref.5), and another in August 2005 (Ref.6), both of which I videotaped, then the number of CE3’s I am aware of having encountered since 1974, and the number of beings and types of beings I have experienced, increases.

In December 1974 and again in September 1979 a single Extraterrestrial being asked me telepathically “Do you remember?” and what followed on both occasions was a super-conscious ‘flash flood’ of mental ‘impressions’ that has affected my entire life. It was a mind expanding experience and a personal spiritual ‘awakening’ to realize in my formative years, at nine and fourteen years old, something about ‘who’ I had been, where I had come from, and where I was going as a ‘soul’. I also learned why I was here and what my ‘soul purpose’ was in this lifetime. After these two encounters, and one I would experience in December 1980, the course of my current human life ‘track’ was profoundly influenced.

Shortly after my first Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) encounter and ‘vision’ like experience of ‘remembering’ I understood I had briefly ‘remotely viewed’ a fragment of my own soul history and future, and with this knowledge my general awareness and outlook on life was instantly changed. Many people experience a major ‘trauma’ in their lives and afterwards feel their life ‘partitioned’ by it. Initially, the most frightening experience of my life, the first Extraterrestrial being encounter and experience of soul viewing was the same for me, and perhaps not surprisingly, with this incident also occurred a period of memory and time that was, and still is to this day, ‘missing’. ‘Hidden’ from recall it is known in UFOlogy as ‘missing time’ and can occur for a number of possible reasons.

One is because what is experienced is so overwhelming emotionally and often physically that the ‘traumatic’ part of it is ‘blanked out’ from memory. Sometimes Extraterrestrial intelligences do not wish the ‘experiencer’ to remember too and unconsciousness or hypnosis is involved causing a blank or a forgetting to occur, sometimes replaced by what is called a ‘screen memory’ that masks the actual incident. In my case, I have always suspected the former since the purpose of the beings presence, single question and effect of asking it, seemed to be solely to stimulate me to remember. However, I was nine and what I experienced was a lot to absorb, accept and understand in detail, and to integrate in my otherwise very different human family and societal life. Also, my initial response was paralyzing fear and though I have no further memory of being afraid after the being communicated “Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to hurt you”, and then asked, “Do you remember?” I simply cannot recall how the CE3 ended.

What happened after the ‘soul viewing’ experience? Did the being disappear before or afterwards? Did anything else happen? Was there any further communication? I don’t know. I can still remember vividly, as if it happened yesterday, climbing down from the top of a bunk bed I shared with my half brother, Phillip, as he slept below; and standing by it waiting for something to appear in the darkest corner of the room; and the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as it did; and the fear and paralysis that accompanied its appearance; and the being; and the communication; and the soul viewing experience, that is, what I could retain of it, but the ‘end’ of the experience is a complete blank, despite many attempts to recall it. Six years later, I would encounter the same being again while taking the family dog for a walk and experience the same paralyzing fear, and be left with another period of missing memory and time (Ref.2).

Ed Sherwood – March 2009


The ‘missing memory’ of the 1974 ETI encounter was so effectively ‘missing’ that despite vividly recounting the experience to a number of people over the years, it wasn’t until a UFO researcher named Clive Potter conducted a taped interview with me in 1991 (17 years later) that I realized I had no memory of how the CE3 encounter ended.

Apart from the encounters briefly mentioned above, there was an additional incident in July 1993 that involved another witness, named Fiona Hayes, that I’m sure was also a CE3, despite my being unable to remember what happened due to an incident of shared ‘missing memory’ and ‘missing time’. This was experienced simultaneously by Fiona and I while driving along a road we knew well, at the same time that a UFO was observed by multiple independent eyewitnesses, heading in our direction.

Synchronously, we were returning to Pewsey from an eventful meditation at Stonehenge that night with the intension of conducting a Close Encounter of the ‘Fifth Kind’, or ‘CE5’, or ‘human-initiated’ UFO and/or ETI encounter, at a little known yet historically significant ancient sacred site called ‘Swanborough Tump’. Weeks before we had clairvoyantly remotely sensed this would be the location of a widely expected UFO ‘anniversary’ incident that summer, and where as it happened the UFO did materialize, accompanied by a great ‘green flash of light’ and a local power outage, just minutes before our intended arrival and shared experience of missing memory and time. Soon after the incident, I learned of the eyewitnesses who had observed the low flying UFO head away from the sacred site and off in our direction after materializing, and a driver nearing a small roundabout who had observed it pass over his car and continue above the road (A345) we were traveling along towards the UFO just before our experience, which included Fiona and I ‘passing out’ moments before reaching Enford and waking a ‘second’ later on a different stretch of road (A342), more than five miles away, approaching Pewsey (Ref.7).

Three years later in the US I learned something else too when I asked a reputed psychic (unknown to myself), during a public question session, and in a straightforward non-hinting manner, “Could you tell me please what happened on July 27th 1993 while returning from Stonehenge?” And after a very brief pause he replied, “The implant was taken out.” What he couldn’t have known by ordinary means, including by guessing and/or ‘cold reading’ was, only a week before the shared missing memory and time incident, which my question had related to, I had been painfully ‘implanted’ against my will, by an ETI (a small ‘Grey’) that had paid me a very unwelcome visit late one night while Fiona was asleep (Ref.8). It was my second known encounter of this type while closely involved with Fiona, who had informed me soon after our first meeting that she thought she was being abducted; had been followed one time by a luminous green coloured UFO while driving from Dorset to Wiltshire; and seemed genuinely afraid. Ironically, having experienced multiple close encounters of the ‘first’ to the ‘fifth’ kind before meeting Fiona, and having learned how to overcome fear, I offered to help, not knowing that months later it would be me needing the help, and perhaps receiving it after returning from Stonehenge (Ref.7).

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