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UFO’s & Extraterrestrial Contact
A Personal Experience


UFO Sightings
A ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’
Videotaped Above North West Santa Monica

ET Invited ‘Earth Healing’ and ‘World Peace’
Meditations Attract a Positive UFO ‘Response’

Prophetic UFO ‘Fleet’ Signs Precede Hurricane Katrina
Witnessed on both sides of the Gulf Coast! (2005)

An Unidentified Flying ‘Humanoid’ Videotaped Above Santa Monica? (2004)

Engaging A Dragon: Ball Plasmas’ Filmed Interacting
with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!’ (2003)

Kennett Crop Circle UFO Encounter (2000)

White Field Hill Communication Mast UFO Sighting (2001)

Huish Hill ‘Ball Plasma’ Sighting (2001)

BOL Filmed at a Buried Mosaic (2001)

Flying ‘Boomerang’ Filmed Above Santa Monica (1999)


‘Ball Plasmas’ Filmed During a Total Solar Eclipse (1999)

Costa Mesa UFO (1999)

Roundway Hill UFO (1995)

Oliver’s Castle ‘Lights’ Video Hoax (1996)

Unidentified Aerial ‘Craft’ Inadvertently Filmed
During the Shooting of ‘Sniper’s Ridge’

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