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Astounding new Marine Lightwheel Sighting by US Navy Ship in the Arabian Gulf

50 members of a US Navy Ship in the Arabian Gulf witness incredible bioluminescent Lightwheel event on April 11, 2009

Thirty Crewmembers Aboard US Naval Ship in Mid East War Zone Witness Spectacular Marine Lightwheel Display on May 19, 2007

An Extraordinary ‘Ice Ring’ in Churchville, Maryland
The First Authentic ‘Pictogram’ of 2001?

Responding to the appearance of the first known ‘Ice Pictogram’ Ed presents a number of observations and findings concerning this unique and highly significant event, including the subtle yet powerful meaning, and possible ‘message’, behind its design symbolism.

 *Contains decoding information relating to 3 non-manmade Crop Circle formations.

Marine Light Wheels
Crop Circles of the Sea?

In 1998 we received new information and documentation, to add to Kris' original article as an Update, of astonishing and recent eyewitness sightings of this little known, and fantastic marine phenomenon that has been witnessed and reported by sailors over the centuries. The most recent known sightings featured in the Update, include details of two new sightings documented in the Bay of Bengal in 1997,
and reports of a third seen in the Philippines in 1998.

'Marine Light Wheels - Crop Circles of the Sea?' was named in the 10th Anniversary Issue of the CCCS quarterly journal 'The Circular' (Issue #40) as one of the 'Ten Memorable Moments' in their ten year history of the publication.  Judged on an editorial criterion of 'originality', it was placed at number seven.

A Mysterious ‘Cloud Ring’ Photographed Over Los Angeles (1995)


Stone Clothing From An English Potter

From Kris’ dream notebook – intimations of reincarnation and precognition

About Psychic Photography

Winter Solstice 2000: Photographic Evidence of a Psycho-Interactive
Luminous Phenomenon ‘Co-created’ Through Visualization

We conduct a Winter Solstice ‘Earth Healing’ visualization meditation and ‘Psychic Photography’ experiment in the Santa Monica Mountains and record evidence of a psychokinetic connection between what was visualized during the meditation and what was photographed after it.

Autumn Equinox 2003 Synchronized Group Meditation

The ‘Rod’ (1999)

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