Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty
Understanding the lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders

By John Burke & Kaj Halberg

The following description is an extract from ‘CHAPTER 3: How Did They Know?’,
and the sub-section titled:

‘Residents of California do not have far to go in order to experience some of the energies discussed here. A remarkable and long-established ‘New Age’ center called the Ojai Foundation sits on a plateau of some power. Significantly, the Ojai Valley is the only place in California where the San Andreas fault runs east-west. Since geomagnetic field lines run north-south, the lion’s share of the telluric ground currents they produce can be expected to do the same. This theory makes an east-west section of this part of the San Andreas fault a powerful conductivity discontinuity. This has been confirmed by our own readings.

Ed Sherwood is an Englishman of unusual talents, married, and settled in Los Angeles with his wife Kris. They did not know about the geology of Ojai, or about our instrument surveys there when they selected it as the place to spend their wedding anniversary each year. All they needed to know was that Ed could see light balls there, sometimes, sporadic, but often prevalent. These are the same sort of light balls that emerged from our photos from Tikal. Ed has a library of light-ball photos, but the difference with him is that for years he has been able to feel their presence. He has been known to announce to a group of friends outdoors at night, “They’re here!” and begin snapping away. The light balls will show up in the photos, often shoulder to shoulder. When he announces, “They are gone now,” his photos back him up. And when he pronounces, “Now they’ve moved over there,” again his photos confirm his statements. In recent years, Ed has been able to train himself to see the light balls as well. He claims that he can train most people to see them, too, if they are capable of total concentration and can spare a few days.

He first contacted us, and sent us photos, after discussing the light balls with the director of Ojai, who showed him our report. This report relates how on two occasions we measured the kind or rapid early morning alterations of geomagnetism seen near conductivity discontinuities. One of these visits was full of wonder.

On our first morning there, sunrise had technically occurred but not at Ojai. An odd fog pocketed this miniature sloping plateau. It was like pea soup, completely obscured the sun, and had these odd concentric rings extending above the rest of the fog bank in the direction of the sun. We took magnetometer readings at the small stone circle made by Ojai visitors near the top of the plateau. Readings were quite uniform until the sun broke through the fog and then, suddenly, sky-rocketed four hundred gammas in fifteen minutes. As far as we know, this is not supposed to happen. It is known that telluric earth currents will jump when the sun breaks through a cloud or fog, allowing the fair weather electric field of the atmosphere to connect with the earth. These electric currents will produce changes in the local magnetic field, which will be exaggerated at a conductivity discontinuity. But in this case, the normal morning change in the electromagnetic field was completely blocked until the fog bank dissipated. Then the field jumped to where it should be and remained stable the rest of the day. On the second, clear day, the normal geomagnetic field changes happened gradually. But this dense fog, while not quite violating the laws of physics certainly stretched them. Therefore, we were tickled to learn that this spot had been labeled ‘The Dragon’s Eye’ by a prior visiting group of Tibetan monks who chose it as their spot for morning meditations. They told staff, “This is where the power is.”

The monks also indicated that the ridge stretching beyond the circle was high powered and the afternoon of that first day, we saw why. About an hour before sunset, while we were walking along the ridge-top trail, readings on the electrostatic voltmeter began to soar. Even on the high setting, the needle danced back and forth in abrupt swings until it finally climbed off scale positive and stayed there. We can count on one hand the number of times this has happened to us, so it is no surprise that sensitives like Ed Sherwood, the Tibetan monks, and thousands of others continue to return to the Ojai Foundation for mind-altering experiences of a natural order.’

I have been able to sense the presence of subtle energy forms (including balls of light) since early childhood and observed BOLs, invisible to the human eye in an ordinary state of consciousness, yet visible to cameras and film sensitive to infrared and ultraviolet frequencies, everyday since July 22nd 1992, after I stepped into a wheat field hosting a non-manmade Crop Circle formation and asked ‘God’ (with all my heart) to allow me to see what I could only otherwise ‘feel’ up to that point. I have also shown and described to many people (including Earth Mysteries, Parapsychological, UFO and Crop Circle researchers) how to see and photograph the same type of BOLs, in a certain state of concentration, that can take as little as a few seconds or minutes to learn, depending on the observers ability to give complete undivided attention to the task.

The analogy I like to use is it’s like trying to see a 3D image hidden in a scrambled 2D ‘Magic Eye‘ picture that requires looking at the overall image in a certain way. As soon as one can see past or beyond the scrambled image the ‘invisible’ 3D picture emerges. In a similar way, the physical world around us is like the distracting scrambled picture that one has to disassociate from and ‘tune out’ to see phenomena like BOLs, luminous mists, spirits and even ET technology that can materialize in our environment at frequencies not visible to the human eye in an ordinary state of consciousness.

To date, very few of the many Earth Mysteries, Parapsychological, UFO and Crop Circle researchers that I have assisted with my ability to readily sense and see luminous subtle energy (among other things, including the clairvoyant sensing of ball plasmas and ET vehicles and devices) have publicly acknowledged my contribution to their investigations, so thank you very much John Burke.

Ed Sherwood – June 2007

‘Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty:
Understanding the lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders’ by John Burke & Kaj Halberg was published in 2005 by Council Oak Books.

Kris and I purchased a copy of ‘Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty’ and found it to be a great contribution to understanding the natural science and practices of the ancients, and recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of such subjects.

I also support many of John’s findings from my own investigations of 'electromagnetic conductivity discontinuities', and from many experiences I have had as a psychic medium sensitive to the ebb and flow of energies at such places, and offer several links (below) to images Kris and I took at the Ojai Foundation 'Moon Tipi' in 1999, after meditating within the activated 'vortex'.

Ed & Kris Sherwood

Psychic Photography at the Ojai Foundation ‘Moon Tipi’

The ‘Moon Tipi’ (unfortunately lost to a hillside fire in 2000) was where Kris and I experienced and recorded some of our most impressive and memorable Psychic Photography experiment results in 1998 and 1999. Each image, with a brief description, can be found in the ‘Alternative Spaces’ sub-section of our website 'Psychic Photography Gallery' at:

Moon Tipi Vortex – Pic 9, 10 & 11

‘Time Slip’ at the Moon Tipi Earth Energy Vortex

Time Slip Image
Photo Copyright 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Another amazing image I recorded at the Moon Tipi shows a very rarely photographed phenomenon known in parapsychology as 'Time Slip' and shows what can happen at places of very high electromagnetic energy discharge potential, when not only light and spatial distortions can be recorded but also apparent distortions in 'time'. It is one of the images I recorded on September 26th 1999, after Kris and I completed a particularly strong leyline activating Earth Healing meditation held inside the Moon Tipi, followed by my shooting a roll of 35mm film of the tipi in daytime showing, on one frame only, a completely different and older looking tipi (multiplied in the same photo with light and spatial distortion) than the one that was existing there at the time.

More information and images to follow . . .

Ed Sherwood

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