A Word About ‘Sound’ and Crop Circles
And an Egregious Case of Plagiarism!

By Ed Sherwood

The Word Is Nine: Crop Circle Metaphors of 1997 (Part 1)’ was originally written, copyrighted, published, and distributed by myself, to many National and International magazines and journal editors in June 1998. It was published in ‘The Center for Crop Circle Studies’ journal ‘The Circular’ in September 1998 (Issue 32). The article contains many of my original investigative findings following onsite Crop Circle research in Wiltshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire in England, in 1990. Referencing more than forty Crop Circle formations, the article presents an abundance of evidence linking the physics and metaphysics of Sound (‘The Word’), and ‘The Nine Principles and Forces of God’ (hence ‘The Word Is Nine’), to non-manmade Crop Circle creation, as symbolized in the timing, placing, geometry, mathematics, numerology, sign symbolism, and meaning of many pictograms since the early 1980s, including some very impressive formations in 1997.

The article also includes ‘groundbreaking’ evidence I discovered in 1990 revealing how plant and soil exposure to ‘Sonic’, and ‘Ultrasonic’ energy, and frequencies, could explain many of the documented biophysical effects found at non-manmade Crop Circle sites, verified by W.C. Levengood.

However, despite being published and original copyrighted work, I have for the past seven years, been repeatedly and egregiously plagiarized by Freddy Silva, a competitive, self-promoting and profiteering Crop Circle researcher, who has taken and published a lot from ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1)’, including specific information, observations, ideas, words and sentences (copied word for word in many cases, and almost in many others), as ‘his own’, without making any, and proper reference to my article, and its author, despite repeated requests.

Before The Word Is Nine (Part 1) was released to the Crop Circle researcher community, and the public, F.S. had a much smaller article posted on his website, making only a few associated sound observations, linking mostly ‘Cymatics’ to Crop Circles. However, this soon changed after The Circular (also sent to this ‘researcher’) ran my article. I have dated copies of his writings before and after the release of The Word Is Nine (Part 1), and his plagiarism is obvious; like a student taking the exam answers from another and adding them to their own (even presenting them in the same general order of appearance).

Since 1998, F.S. has published a very significant amount of my original research, presented in The Word Is Nine (Part 1). You can find my un-referenced and un-credited research in an article on his website; widely published in magazines and journals, including The Circular (Issue 37) in Spring 2000, and many other periodicals since (including recently in 2005, as two magazine cover stories in 'Mysteries and Fate' magazine) under various titles.You can also find a lot of my ‘lifted’ research published, without written permission, reference or credit, in his Crop Circle book (published in 2002)!

Kris and I have also found other plagiarized material of ours in his book.

At the bottom of my article are the words:

This article is excerpted from a larger work in progress. It may be copied and distributed for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be published anywhere, or for monetary gain, without written permission from the author. Copyright June 1998 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research. All Rights Reserved.

The Word Is Nine (Part 1) was a major piece of writing and research. It was the first
in a series of three articles (‘Parts’) written by myself in 1998 (with additional contributions by Kris Sherwood in ‘Part 2’ and ‘3’, and thus by Ed & Kris Sherwood), exploring the many connections between authentic Crop Circle creation, ‘The Nine’, and Sound. However, as a consequence of plagiarism The Word Is Nine (Part 2 and 3), containing a lot more evidence linking the physics and metaphysics of sound to non-manmade Crop Circle creation, were created in 1998/9 but not released publicly, out of concern that F.S. would take this information also without referencing or crediting its source/s. This material will be included in our book in progress entitled ‘Crop Circles & Sound: A Twelve Year Investigation’.

I have asked F.S. in person repeatedly to reference and credit my work but he refuses, claiming ‘It’s just a coincidence’, while he continues to copy, imitate and plagiarize me, gaining a lot of attention and money from people who are unaware of his unscrupulous behavior towards the Sherwood’s.

The plagiarist is receiving growing attention and money citing specific information ‘lifted’ from ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1)’. The plagiarism has gone on too long to remain un-addressed! This is an attempt to set the historical Crop Circle research record straight!

Ed Sherwood – March 2005


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