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Solar activity has been observed to be involved in the formation of atmospheric plasma, and non-manmade Crop Circle co-creation. The articles below contain information and evidence in support of this:

Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001

'Vacuum Domain' (Plasma Physics)

Deus ex Sol

Lunar Phases 2003

Stones of Wonder Equinox and Solstice Calendar

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Paul Vigay's Free Searchable International Crop Circle Database
We do not necessarily endorse all of the formations displayed on this site as being non-manmade.

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NEWS 2003

This section of contains Crop Circle
and related news (with some exceptions), and links to further
information, including news of Millennium Research article releases, and other ‘Breaking News’ in areas of interest.


February 2004

Ed & Kris Sherwood are scheduled to give a talk and slide/video presentation at the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Conference in Laughlin, Nevada. Click HERE for conference details.

December 21

Winter Solstice Earth Healing Meditation
Solstice Exact on December 22 at 2:04 GMT
(December 21 11:04pm Pacific Standard Time)

Live Winter Solstice Webcast from World Puja at 3pm EST
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Autumn 2003

New documentary film ‘CircleSpeak – A Journey to the Heart of Crop Circle Country’ – Available soon from Newland Films! Reserve your copy online HERE.

October 30th, 2003

Ball Plasma
Video Still Image
© 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
The ‘Rod’
© 1999 Brian Milburn/Millennium Research

Ed and Kris to guest on the Jeff Rense program!
Listen live on radio or internet at 7pm – 10pm (PST)
to hear news of their recent Crop Circle related research trip to England; several filmed ‘Psycho-interactive’ UFO sightings; and their thoughts about mysterious unseen dark aerial ‘objects’ recorded on film.

October 26, 2003

Catch us in the Crop Circle segment of the Discovery Kids Cable Network program ‘Truth or Scare’ that airs October 26th at 5:30pm and 9:30pm Pacific Standard Time.

Program Schedule


Coming Soon!
A new Crop Circle documentary by Newland Films

'Circlespeak is a reverent impartial view of the Crop Circle phenomenon, and the people who have been irresistibly drawn to it. Intelligently narrated and beautifully photographed, it puts you at the center of its enthralling subject. With a backdrop of the majestic sacred landscape of Wiltshire, accented by a compelling soundtrack, it is a highly watchable fresh perspective on the continuing Crop Circle enigma, and one we were very happy to have been involved in.'    


September 19

New article detailing a series of sightings
witnessed and filmed in August 2003

Photo © 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

ENGAGING A 'DRAGON' 'Ball Plasma' Filmed Interacting with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!

By Ed Sherwood

Dedicated to Graham Birdsall


We mourn the sudden and tragic lost of Graham W. Birdsall, Editor of UFO Magazine (UK), who sadly passed away on September 19th.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers to his family.

His passing is a staggering blow to his family, those who knew him, the UFOlogy ‘community’, and people everywhere who value the free flow of information about the many subjects his magazine made available.

Graham was the force that made it a peerless source of information, being the largest most widely circulated and read publication of its kind in the world.

He was also a dear friend, and one of the staunchest supporters of our research, publishing many of our articles in UFO Magazine over the years. We feel grateful and privileged to have known and been recognized by him. He will be greatly missed.

More words about Graham’s passing, can be found on the
Jeff Rense website, including an address where to send condolences.


August 6

We complete our Summer 2003 research trip to the UK, where we gave a presentation at the Glastonbury Symposium (pictured below).

Photo © July 25 2003 Roger Hill
Watch this page for reports and updates about our sightings
and experiences

Photo © July 15 2003 Ed Sherwood

July 16

UFO Journalist Gordon Creighton Passes Away at 95

Legendary UFO journalist, and Editor of the venerable Flying Saucer Review (FSR), Gordon Creighton has died at the age
of 95. One of the pillars of UFOlogy in the UK, and the world, he spent nearly 50 years disseminating and publishing the most credible and best information available on all aspects of UFOlogy, and related subjects. FSR was one of the first publications to cover the Crop Circle phenomenon, and was one of Ed’s first research sources on the subject. A great inspiration to so many; though his many contributions will live on, he will be greatly missed.

July 6

The Loss of Victor J. Kean, Famed ‘Flying Triangle’ Researcher

Berlin based and Internationally known UFOlogist and Writer, Victor J. Kean was on holiday in Sweden when he unexpectedly passed away on June 6, 2003. Famous for his study of the ‘Flying Triangle’, and for his published research, he was as UFO Magazine UK Editor Graham W. Birdsall called him: “a household name among UFO enthusiasists and researchers worldwide.” He was also an email acquaintance of ours who had contacted Kris following the publication in UFO Magazine UK of her article ‘Deus ex Sol’ in early 2002, and subsequently exchanged many enlightening emailed communications with us. Victor was then working on a book about the Bible Code, and had just found what he called “complete verification” of the content of Kris’ article, when he ran a Bible Code search on the article’s text, and found an abundance of Key Words from it in a matrix of the Code, imbedded in the Book of Genesis! He said that “No other Crop Circle research has produced such results”.

We are deeply grateful for his recognition, his many contributions, and mourn his tragic passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Sybille, and family on his untimely loss.

Published books include 'The Phaistos Disc' and ‘The Antikythera Mechanism’
His last work in progress was ‘Secrets of the Bible Code’.

Kris will be releasing an article summarizing further details of these Bible Code confirmations in the coming months.

Graham Birdsalls’s comments on Victor Kean

Link to Victor Kean’s research: Project Flying Triangle

July 4th

Farmer Witnesses Crop Circle Pictogram Form!

Field Report - Wisconsin Crop Circle

News report- Wisconsin Crop Circle

Wisconsin Crop Circle eyewitness report

More About the Wisconsin Crop Circle Formation

July 2003

Ed and Kris Sherwood receive Creatrix Studios
2003 New Millennium Award

June 7

Interesting Crop Circle Formation Found in Knobel,
Arkansas, USA BLT Report on Knobel, Arkansas Crop Circle

May 26, 2003

Photo © Courtesy of Colin Andrews

Professor Gerald Hawkins Passes Away

We all suffered a great loss as famed Astronomer, Mathematician, Author, Decoder of Stonehenge, and Crop Circle Investigator, Professor Gerald Hawkins passed away suddenly.

Those familiar with his Crop Circle related research will know he is also recognized for his very significant discoveries of Diatonic Ratios, Euclidean Theorems, and more, contained in the geometry of some non-manmade Crop Circle formations.
He was an esteem colleague and friend who will be greatly miss.
Our deepest sympathy to his wife Julia, and family.

Reported in the Rappahannock News.

Source: Crop Circle News

Gerald Hawkins article published in Science News

Theorems in the Wheat Fields – Science News Online

An article about Gerald Hawkins work

April 24, 2003

Photo ã 2003 Courtesy of the Photographer – Anonymous by Request

A Mysterious ‘Ice Circle’ Discovered in NE USA
The ‘Crop Circle’ Like Phenomenon Continues in 2003

A New Report by Ed Sherwood

March 26/27, 2003

Ed & Kris on George Noory’s ‘Coast to Coast’ Radio Show

(formerly The Art Bell Show). Broadcast Live on over 200 radio stations Internationally, and available on the internet at
The archived 2 hour program is accessible through Coast to Coast’s Past Show Archives.

Hear the archived show
(RealPlayer or Media Player required)
(Scroll down to March 26 in show listings)

March 2003

We Receive Apologies For Two Significant Omissions
(Reveals why we were not included in 'Crop Circles - Quest for Truth')

January 2003

Kris' new article ‘Non-Manmade Crop Circles As a “Vacuum Domain" Phenomenon:  A Possible Aspect of the Physics Involved’
(with additional research contributed by Ed Sherwood), is published in ‘The Cereologist’.

The Rally to Save the Big Tree Update!!

NEWS 2002

NEWS 2001


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