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Solar activity has been observed to be involved in the formation of atmospheric plasma, and non-manmade Crop Circle co-creation. The articles below contain information and evidence in support of this:

Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001

'Vacuum Domain' (Plasma Physics)

Deus ex Sol

Stones of Wonder Equinox
and Solstice Calendar

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The long awaited reprinting of ‘The Nine: Briefings From Deep Space
By Stuart Holroyd (Originally published as Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth - Essential Briefings From Deep Space) is now available
from The Only Planet of Choice website.

BBC Weather Forecast
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NEWS 2004

This section of CropCircleAnswers.com contains Crop Circle
and related news (with some exceptions), and links to further
information, including news of Millennium Research article releases, and other ‘Breaking News’ in areas of interest.

December 20/21

Winter Solstice Greetings and Wishes to All
for Peace and Happiness in the New Year!

We continue to regularly mark the Solstices and Equinoxes with Earth Healing Meditations and Psychic Photography Experiments. Revisit our 2000 Winter Solstice Meditation and Psychic Photography Experiment for an example of what can result when the light of the Sun/Son begins its celebrated annual return.

September 27, 2004

Photo © Judy Dater

We Mourn the Tragic Loss of Dr. John E. Mack

Dr. Mack’s profound contributions toward understanding human consciousness, and the spiritually transforming effect of personal encounters with Extraterrestrial realities, will remain a lasting memorial to his pioneering work.

He was a great inspiration to us. We were deeply touched by his personal support and recognition of our research work. He attended, and greatly complimented, a Conference presentation I (Ed) gave in Cardiff (Wales) in 1995, about my ‘Close Encounter’ experiences with Extraterrestrial Intelligences. He also strongly encouraged Kris and I, in 2002, to publish our ‘Psychic Photography’ research,  and we planned to ask him to endorse, and possibly write the ‘foreword’ for our book-in-progress about Psychic Photography.

He will be greatly missed.

May 11, 2004

Images Copyright © 2004 Courtesy of Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria

In an Unprecedented Move Mexican Gov Releases Stunning New UFO Footage

Click to view MPEG

Video Frames of Mexican Military UFO Encounter

From Rense.com

BBC Reports on Mexico Gov UFO Footage Release

Follow this story online Sundays Live, and Archived (in Spanish) on Jaime Maussan’s Los Grandes Mysterios del Tercer Minenio Web TV

March 19-21, 2004

Photographs © 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Spring Equinox Meditation 2004
A Synchronized Group ‘Earth Healing’ Visualization Mediation
& Psychic Photography Experiment

Ed travels to an ancient sacred site deep in the Mohave Desert to hold a synchronized Earth Healing visualization meditation. Moments after the meditation ‘Balls of light’ are witnessed and photographed using 35mm and Digital cameras.

Watch for the forthcoming report…

March 18, 2004

Digital Photo Enlargement from TV © 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Unidentified Aerial ‘Craft’
Accidentally Filmed During the Shooting of ‘Sniper’s Ridge’

While taking a short lunch break at home, momentarily watching a 1961black and white US Korean War drama called ‘Sniper’s Ridge’, Ed spots a very impressive looking ‘UFO’, moving through the sky, in the films last main action sequence!

March 2004

NEW - Scientific Evidence Supporting
Non-Manmade Crop Circle Creation!


February 9th, 2004

Ed & Kris Sherwood’s talk, slide, and video presentation ‘Crop Circle Answers ‘Who’ or ‘What’ has been Creating the Worldwide Crop Circle Phenomenon, and Why?’ at the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Convention in Laughlin, Nevada, is now available.

Click to Order a Tape of this Presentation:
(Vol. #437) 90 Mins.
(Order form in pdf format.)

Or contact:

Bob & Terri Brown
International UFO Congress
9975 Wadsworth Parkway, #K2-504
Westminster, CO 80021
Phone (303) 543-9443
Fax (303) 543-8667
E-Mail: ufocongress@msn.com

February 2004

UFO Magazine’ (UK) publishes in its February issue Ed’s new article
Engaging A ‘DragonBall Plasmas’ Filmed Interacting with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!’

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