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Solar activity has been observed to be involved in the formation of atmospheric plasma, and non-manmade Crop Circle co-creation. The articles below contain information and evidence in support of this:

Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001

'Vacuum Domain' (Plasma Physics) 'Updated'

Deus ex Sol

The Primary and Secondary Source of Non-manmade Crop Circle Creation

CCA - Ball Plasma Links

Major Interview
on Crop Circles

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The long awaited reprinting of ‘The Nine: Briefings From Deep Space
By Stuart Holroyd (Originally published as Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth - Essential Briefings From Deep Space) is now available
from The Only Planet of Choice website.

The Word Is Nine

A "Word" about Crop Circles and Sound
Evidence of a case of plagiarism

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Crop Circle and Related News

This section of contains Crop Circle and related news (with some exceptions), and links to further information, including news of Millennium Research article releases, radio and TV appearances, talk presentations, and other ‘Breaking News’ in areas of interest.

NEWS 2010

June 9, 2010

Nexus Magazin 29 Juni-Juli 2010

Nexus Magazine's German language version has now published Kris's most recent article, on the mass sighting of the Marine Lightwheel phenomenon by 50 aboard a Navy Ship in April 2009, in their June/July issue. The article is referenced on the cover with the title "Lichtrader auf dem Meer", and in the fanciful cover illustration.

April 3, 2010

Nexus Magazine publishes Kris’ article on last April’s mass sighting of the Marine Lightwheel phenomenon by 50 aboard US Navy Ship

Nexus Magazine, published in Australia and available worldwide, has published Kris’ latest Marine Lightwheel article in their current issue. Including eyewitness accounts by three Ships’ officers, it documents an extraordinary sighting by 50 crewmembers aboard a Navy Ship in the Arabian Gulf on April 12, 2009. Read Kris’ original article HERE.

March 2, 2010

Photo copyright Kaj Halberg /
Oaks Books 2005

November 13, 1951 – February 26, 2010

Research Scientist John Burke Passes

We are shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of scientist and colleague, John Burke, who was a pioneering researcher into the physics and effects of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, in addition to his other areas of expertise and scientific research.

Our sincere condolences to his family. The research community has lost one of its brilliant and innovative minds, and much too soon.

John Burke speaking at the 2007 CPAK conference

“To date, John Burke is one of the very few of the many Earth Mysteries, Parapsychological, UFO and Crop Circle researchers that I [Ed Sherwood] have assisted with my ability to readily sense and see luminous subtle energy (among other things, including the clairvoyant sensing of ball plasmas and ET vehicles and devices) to have publicly acknowledged my contributions to their investigations. Thank you very much John Burke.” Your integrity and groundbreaking research work will be long remembered!

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