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Solar activity has been observed to be involved in the formation of atmospheric plasma, and non-manmade Crop Circle co-creation. The articles below contain information and evidence in support of this:

Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001

'Vacuum Domain' (Plasma Physics) 'Updated'

Deus ex Sol

The Primary and Secondary Source of Non-manmade Crop Circle Creation

CCA - Ball Plasma Links

Major Interview
on Crop Circles

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The long awaited reprinting of ‘The Nine: Briefings From Deep Space
By Stuart Holroyd (Originally published as Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth - Essential Briefings From Deep Space) is now available
from The Only Planet of Choice website.

The Word Is Nine

A "Word" about Crop Circles and Sound
Evidence of a case of plagiarism

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Crop Circle and Related News

This section of contains Crop Circle and related news (with some exceptions), and links to further information, including news of Millennium Research article releases, radio and TV appearances, talk presentations, and other ‘Breaking News’ in areas of interest.

NEWS 2007

December 19, 2007

Ed and Kris guest on Cariel's Heartlink Institute’s Heartlink Radio program.

Listen to the show

September 23, 2007

Ed Sherwood's Psychic Ability is Acknowledged
in a New Book by John Burke & Kaj Halberg

John Burke (of ‘BLT research’) acknowledges Ed’s ability to psychically sense, see and photograph luminous energy, invisible to the human eye in an ordinary state of consciousness, at Earth energy ‘vortex’ sites, in his new book:

Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty: Understanding the Lost Technology of the Ancient Megalith-Builders’ by John Burke & Kaj Halberg

(See ‘Chapter 3’, entitled ‘How Did They Know?’ and page 30-32.)

The book documents an extensive scientific investigation of the measurable electromagnetic energies that ebb and flow at specific locations on the earth where ancient man typically sited his sacred monuments.

The book is an excellent read and great contribution to understanding the natural science and practices of the ancients, and we recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of such subjects.

For more information and images referenced on page 31 of ‘Seed of Knowledge Stone of Plenty’, documenting an earth energy activation meditation and Psychic Photography experiment that Kris and I held at The Ojai Foundation ‘Moon Tipi’ on September 26th 1998 & 1999, visit the following links (below):

Moon Tipi Vortex – Pic 9, 10, 11 & 12

Photo by 2007 Season IWS Field Tech, Kim

Beloved Bald Eagle Found Dead in Nevada

Limuw, the juvenile Bald Eagle that was the only one of his kind to hatch in the wild on the Northern Channel Islands this year, on the island of Santa Cruz, and was only the third to hatch in the wild since 1945, was tragically found killed on a road in Nevada on August 15. He was hatched on April 13, 2007 and had left the island on August 8, on his first long distance flight of exploration, while being tracked by GPS. He was banded and when found was reported to the number on his band. The Bald Eagle became Endangered on the local islands due to the effects of DDT pollution, and recovery efforts by the IWS have helped them recover their numbers on California’s Channel Islands. He was watched live on the internet by Eagle lovers worldwide and it was a tragic loss to them as well as the restoration project.

Ventura County Star article on Limuw’s Death

August 30, 2007

Mysterious, newly discovered Solar ‘Alfven Wave’ ripples, are hotter than the Sun’s surface and reportedly transport Solar energy at 9 million miles per hour, outward through the Corona, and along the Sun’s magnetic field lines into Deep Space. This discovery supports research that the Sun’s activity highly affects and is also highly interactive with our planet’s magnetic fields, and electromagnetic forces.

Watch video:

Image: Youra Taroyan et al/SOHO

New Solar Science Reveals Giant Sound Waves

New Solar science discoveries confirm that “giant
sound waves” reverberate outward geometrically through
magnetically charged explosions of Solar plasma, as reported
in New Scientist Magazine

Watch movie of Solar sound waves ripples:

This new research strikingly confirms and furthers the growing understanding of Helioseismology, a topic that was explored by Kris in her groundbreaking article, Deus ex Sol - Solar Logos and Helioseismology Depicted in Crop Circle Formations, first published in UFO Magazine UK in 2001. 'Sound' in relation to Crop Circle creation was first documented by Ed in his 1998 article, The Word Is Nine. Much of Kris' article’s content, and other of our combined research was intriguingly ‘confirmed’ to us personally in 2002 by the late writer, and noted UFOlogist, Victor J. Kean, through his Bible Code research.

June 18, 2007

Thirty Crewmembers Aboard US Naval Ship in Mid East War Zone Witness Spectacular Marine Lightwheel Display on May 19, 2007

Kris reports on the most recent sighting of this rare bioluminescent
phenomenon which she has postulated is related to the same geophysical forces involved in non-manmade Crop Circle creation.

February 24, 2007


Daylight UFO Sightings Continue Above Santa Monica…

During January and February 2007 we documented fourteen UFOs above our neighborhood of Santa Monica. Twelve were observed. Eleven were videotaped, including three twenty-minute sightings and one forty-minute sighting (the longest we have videotaped to date). Two were videotaped while recording two others and were not seen at the time. Four were multiple witness sightings and five were observer ‘interactive’.

During three separate sightings, while videotaping a single ‘spherical’ object moving in one direction, another identical UFO suddenly appeared near the first heading in the opposite direction at speed. On January 4th 2007 this happened within two minutes of describing this type of sighting on camera to a neighbor and was subsequently videotaped.

We have videotaped multiple close proximity UFOs moving in opposite directions to each other, within the camera frame, nine times since October 22nd 2006. New reports (including images) are currently in progress for posting on the CCA ‘NEWS’ and the ‘Ed & Kris Sherwood’s UFO Sightings’ page in the coming weeks.

Watch for forthcoming monthly ‘NEWS’ page updates…

UFO Summary 2006

Between late June and December 2006 I recorded fifty daylight UFO sightings. At least sixty-six UFOs were observed. Thirty-seven sightings were videotaped, including three mysterious aerial objects for thirty minutes each! Three UFOs were photographed and videotaped, and eleven were videotaped but not seen at the time. There were sixteen multiple witness sightings and thirty-three observer ‘interactive’ incidents, occurring between five to thirty minutes of either: 1) mentally inviting benevolent ET participation in a synchronized global Earth Healing and World Peace meditation, and/or 2) mentally requesting a ‘sign’ of their presence and support of our research.

For more information, images and MPEGs view the '2006 News' page listings below.

January 14, 2007

Ed & Kris on ‘Coast to Coast’ AM with Art Bell.

Between late June and December 2006 Ed and Kris Sherwood witnessed more than forty daylight UFO sightings above their neighborhood of Santa Monica. More than sixty UFOs were observed and forty videotaped, including three thirty-minute sightings. Many occurred within minutes of completing a benevolent ET ‘invited’ synchronized Earth Healing and World Peace meditation held globally on Sunday mornings at 11am (PST).

Hear the latest UFO and UFH (Unidentified Flying Humanoid) sighting news from Santa Monica and discover a connection to similar sightings in Mexico, and related occurrences in England.

Why so much UFO activity above Santa Monica recently? Hear what the Sherwood’s have been doing that could answer this and many related questions, and explore UFOs, Crop Circles & the ‘Collective Mind’.

The three-hour interview will be available in the Past Show Archives.
(Coast to Coast membership required)

CLICK HERE for a page linking to our previous Coast to Coast interviews and click either of our names to access the list. All interviews are three hours long. (Coast to Coast membership, and RealPlayer’ or ‘Media Player’ required)

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