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Solar activity has been observed to be involved in the formation of atmospheric plasma, and non-manmade Crop Circle co-creation. The articles below contain information and evidence in support of this:

Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001

'Vacuum Domain' (Plasma Physics) 'Updated'

Deus ex Sol

The Primary and Secondary Source of Non-manmade Crop Circle Creation

CCA - Ball Plasma Links

Major Interview
on Crop Circles

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The Word Is Nine

A "Word" about Crop Circles and Sound
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Crop Circle and Related News

This section of contains Crop Circle and related news (with some exceptions), and links to further information, including news of Millennium Research article releases, radio and TV appearances, talk presentations, and other ‘Breaking News’ in areas of interest.

NEWS 2016

‘Signs’ In The Sky

On September 10th 2006 I witnessed and videotaped a small ‘UFO Fleet’ (UFOF) emerge from a large ‘UFO Fleet Container’ (UFOFC): a type of UFO I first remotely sensed, observed, and on that occasion Kris videotaped, on October 18, 1999, flying towards and over our apartment (at the time) and neighborhood of NW Santa Monica.

For more information and images view: The ‘Boomerang’

Since this encounter, which to my knowledge is the first known videotaped sighting of a UFO Fleet Container above a city outside of Mexico, I have remotely sensed (i.e.: psychically and physically), observed and videotaped a UFOFC multiple times.

For more information and images, including a series of short sequential (internet resolution) clips of the September 10th 2006 UFOFC and UFOF encounter, view:

A ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’ Videotaped Above North West Santa Monica


UFO Sightings (Part 1)
A ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’ Videotaped Above North West Santa Monica

Some Thoughts About A ‘UFO Fleet Container’ and ‘UFO Fleet’ Videotaped Above Santa Monica

On September 10th 2006 I videotaped:

1) The emergence of a UFO Fleet from a UFO Fleet ‘Container’, further identifying both types of UFO configuration.

2) The appearance of a UFO Fleet after specifically requesting a UFO Fleet above a specific area of NW Santa Monica at a specific time.

3) A UFO Fleet Container and UFO Fleet after requesting a visible sign of benevolent ETI participation in a ‘group’ synchronized Earth Healing and World Peace visualization meditation.

4) A ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’ or ‘CE5’.

5) A CE5 ‘response’ to a CE5 ‘initiative’.

6) ‘A Close Encounter of the Second Kind’ or ‘CE2’.

Multiple UFO’s Videotaped Leaving a UFO Fleet Container

On September 23rd 2015 a UFOFC was videotaped above Los Angeles with a high-resolution digital video camera. Like the UFOFC and UFOF footage of September 10th 2006 the recent footage includes:

Two types of UFO and configuration:

1) A single large long UFO Fleet Container, identical to others Kris and I observed and videotaped above NW Santa Monica in 1999 and 2006. This seemingly singular UFO I have videotaped multiple times in various degrees of formation, illumination, movement and orientation.

2) Multiple, smaller, ‘craft sized’, self-similar and self-luminous, ‘spherical’ shaped UFO’s, some brilliantly some faintly illuminated; some descending after leaving the UFOFC and some remaining stationary near, and/or very close by, and flying ‘in formation’ with the UFOFC.

In the more recent footage the smaller UFO’s, like the UFOFC, are intensely bright, like the UFOFC I videotaped above NW Santa Monica on December 3rd 2006, included in the ‘Additional Information’ section of the following online report with a single video frame grab:

A ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’ Videotaped Above North West Santa Monica

Click the link below to view the similarly bright and impressive
UFOFC videotaped above Los Angeles on September 23rd 2015.

UFO’s & Extraterrestrial Contact - A Personal Experience

The following CCA page has been updated with some additional information.

Click the following link to view the similarly bright and impressive
September 23rd 2015 UFOFC sighting.

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